Surfer Rewards

You may have seen ads for companies offering to pay you for surfing the net, chatting, reading e-mail, and playing games online. These companies offer something called “surfer rewards.” These programs are appealing to people who work from home or are looking for a second source of income.

One of the most popular surfer rewards involves reading marketing material and promotional offers from advertisers. You get paid either in points or cash for every e-mail you read. Most programs offer participants up to ten cents or points per e-mail. Some programs offer you additional points for every hour you spend online.

You can also earn surfer rewards for shopping online. Shopping online is a great way to avoid long lines, traffic, and other hassles. It’s always a good idea to sign up for a rewards program that offers you points or cash for every online purchase. Some programs only offer you points when you shop with specific retailers.

If you expect to earn money with a surfer rewards program, you need to refer friends and associates. You receive additional points for every person you sign up for a rewards program. Creating a network of internet surfers is a great way to save time online while increasing your overall revenue. You can also earn income from affiliate programs. With these programs, you earn a commission when people you refer buy products from affiliate partners. When you sign up for a top affiliate program, you can expect to earn up to 25 percent of the sale price.

Some of our favorite online surfing programs are inbox dollars and ebates.

    • Learn more about being paid for surfing and clicking
    • Popular consumer oriented surfer reward programs include: E-Rewards, MyPoints, and Ebates
    • Look for online coupon codes and deals such as free shipping
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