Target RED Debit or Credit Card with 5% Automatic Discount

af5b4b32-ece1-48b5-9b25-22f50536f15cThe New Target RED Debit or Credit Card that offer 5% Rewards come as a must-have for Target shoppers. Mainly because ​Target REDcard gives you 5% off everyday, free shipping, and 30 extra days for returning. A great extension for us to have that are procrastinators and hate taking things back.Apply for Target Red Card

Now the REDcard saves you 5% on top of our already low prices on every Target shopping trip, every day. You’ll automatically get 5% off when you use your card in Target stores in the United States and on From couches and TVs to lipstick and shoes, anything and everything gets free shipping when you use your REDcard at Plus, there’s no minimum purchase.

A big pro of this card is that the immediate discount is taken at the register, not cash back that must be claimed at some later date. The Free Shipping is a no-brainier as it is similar paid Amazon Prime service. Donations to Education is another great thing about this card. Target donates 1% of the amount of all REDcard purchases to the K-12 school of your choice.

I fill a ton of Prescriptions like most Americans so I know they will benefit from the extra Savings on Pharmaceutical Purchases. When you fill at least five prescriptions at a Target pharmacy, you receive an extra 5% discount for one day of Target shopping, in addition to your existing 5%. Stack that up and you have 10% for the day!

Some of the Cons of this card is that it doesn’t work with Target Mobile. Target has a cutting-edge product that offers discounts at the store and online. However, it does not offer a discount at Target Mobile. Possibly it will be added in the future.
These cards are not part of a Payment Network such as Visa or MasterCard meaning this card can only be used at Target stores and at

Also keep in mind that if you are looking to carry a balance you cannot with this card. Furthermore, those who seek to build credit with the RED Debit card will not be building credit but they can with the credit card version.