Top Apple Watch Travel Apps

applepaywatchchasefreedomThe Apple Watch is finally here after a long wait and we are so excited to try out some of these travel apps. As with the iPhone and iPad the Apple Watch will have lots of Apps to support the new innovative product and make it needed in day-to-day life and really convenient when trying to find your way around town.

Apple showed off many Apps during its stage demonstration including Siri, WeChat, American Airlines and Salesforce. Other travel brands such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Open Table for restaurant books were announced but we are more excited for the following:

1. Apple Pay. The Apple Watch’s killer app which displayed the Chase Freedom card during the presentation is one of the most anticipated. As more and more stores adopt Apple Pay we can travel without bulky wallets full of all of our rewards cards. This will cut down on theft being a safe alternative to carrying around cash or tons of cards.

americanairlines APPAppleWatch2. American Airlines. With the Apple Watch’s American Airlines app, you won’t have to worry about your boarding pass with it being on your wrist. You can also check-in for your flight from the watch and see at which baggage claim your bags will be. I don’t know how many times I have had to seek out my bags especially at DFW airport not knowing the baggage claim.

3. If you forgot that you did or did not lock your doors when you left town this certainly calms ones mind. This app will also let you lock and unlock doors. To feel even more secure about leaving your home it has video streams from your home to make sure that everything is just as you left it once you have it installed.

SPG RoomKey Apple Watch4. SPG. My favorite App is from Starwood. The hotel chain lets you check into your hotel and unlock your door using the watch without ever having to stop by the front desk. While this is limited to select Starwood Hotels and Resorts we hope that Hilton and Marriott take notes and get theirs out soon!

5. Uber. The controversial taxi, ride-share, and black car app will let you check to see if there are available cars in your area and let you call for one with the push of a button. Once your ride is confirmed, the app will tell you the name of your driver, provide a photo and the driver’s rating, and let you track the vehicle’s progress. Maybe self-driving Uber cars are not far off after all.

UberiPhoneWatch6. Citymapper. For when you’re in a new city and cannot figure out how to navigate its transit system. With the Citymapper app for the Apple Watch you can get step-by-step directions for a host of cities, including their subway and bus systems.

7. EasyJet. American Airlines was the first US Airline to have the App for Apple Watch and got play during the Apple Watch event, but other travel brands have been quick to announce their offerings for the new smartwatch. European low-cost carrier easyJet will launch its Apple Watch app on April 24 and will be available in five languages connecting to the easyJet smartphone app. The Apple Watch app will provide personalized, real-time flight notifications, with users feeling a gentle tap upon receipt,‎‎ as well as access to easyJet’s Passbook boarding passes.