FREE $20 UBER Credit For Existing or $35 for New Riders by using Facebook Messenger to Book Rides

requestanuberthroughfacebookIt’s very hard to get any kind of credit or free Rides from UBER unless you’re a new rider but now you can get a FREE $20 just by doing something too simple to be true. You will also learn about a new service inside a messenger you most likely already use.

You can now order an UBER car inside Facebook Messenger for yourself or someone else and at the same time prove that you are actually on your way. It updates everyone in the chat with how long it will take you to arrive so they all know you are not just sitting there in your PJ’s.

The new Uber in Messenger feature can be found by clicking on the car icon or finding “Transportation” in the three-dot “more” menu below where you write your messages. Either of those actions will open Uber’s Request Ride option where you can add your pick up location, destination, and car type.

Everyone who uses Messenger Transportation will get a $20 Uber credit. It’s rare for Uber to hand out these kinds of free credits to people who are already users, but somehow Facebook convinced it to create a big incentive to use Messenger Transportation.

Make sure to download the latest version of the Messenger app on your smartphone to see the new options as it may not appear in the unupdated version.

If you’re new to UBER you can Register here to get an additional $15 credit for Uber towards a Free Ride.