UBER Ride Pass for 20% Off ALL Rides & Free UberEats

UBER has unleashed a new version of the Ride Pass and it will probably not be as limited with sign-ups as the previous ones. This is mainly because UBER seems to be making more money from the Ride Pass this time around and you can only select one route you want a flat fare on. Read more about our first review of Ride Passes here and about UBER Rideshare discounts here.

The Pros:

-$3.99 to Free Delivery Fee Paid One-Time by signing up for this Ride Pass.
-Possibly 20% off your rides

The Cons:
-It costs $9.99 instead of the $5.99 before they charged to sign up and you get less in return.
-In our tests in the Houston area we were not impressed that it was 20% off. The price may have been marked up as it seemed higher than normal fares.
-No real fare difference on the selected choice route but maybe a few dollars or so. We’re not sure what the advantage of this Ride Pass is but we will test it more.

My Personal Ride Pass Experience that Turned into a Surging Nightmare

So I was in love with the beta of the Ride Pass that UBER generously gave me a earlier this year. I spent three months living high on the hog taking rides from my home to destinations in my home city that were only $5.99 plus a small overage each time for 23 or so minutes or 15+ Miles. UBER caught on to the nearly $980 saved by me with these rides. As a matter of fact they started tripling the surge during these hours when I was out of my Ride Pass to pay me back.

I have two phones so the other phone was getting 50% off putting it at about the same price as the Ride Pass. For some reason they kept sending the 50% off rides to that work phone and so the account they charged for the former Ride Pass was outrageous. I have pretty bad vision so I made the mistake a few times of surge prices that were unbelieveable mixed in with the fact I normally buy gift cards with a 5-10% cash back that confused the purchase. UBER mostly got its money back from me with all of the surging. Looking back the Ride Pass helped out so much I have been wanting to try it out again. We shall see how this round goes even though the price is marked up quite a bit on the “route”