USA Platinum Review

If you’re bogged down with bad credit history, or no credit history at all, establishing good credit may seem like an insurmountable task. If you don’t meet the requirements to receive approval on a credit card, how can you start building good credit? And if you don’t have good credit, how can you buy a car or a house in the future? If you’re feeling trapped by past mistakes, you can make yourself miserable by worrying about your financial viability. But USA Platinum has a credit card that anyone can be approved for, due to their “No Credit Check or Credit Turndowns” policy.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it is true that the USA Platinum credit card is not your everyday card for general purchases. Instead, the card gives you access to their USA Credit catalogs and websites, which offer more than 14,000 products. You can purchase these products using the card, and pay no interest. You credit limit can even increase over time.

The USA Platinum shopping card can be great for buying gifts or purchases for the home. It is a legitimate, unsecured line of credit, and USA Platinum reports your history to a major Credit Bureau. That means that you can establish good credit while doing something everyone loves–shopping. Even better, USA Platinum requires no credit checks or employment verifications, and charges no interest.

Establish Good Credit Today with USA Platinum
You can apply over the Internet today by visiting their website, There is a $149.95 fee to setup your account. New members also receive the additional benefit of unlimited *free access to their credit reports for 30 days (note you will be charged a fee if you do not cancel the credit report before 30 days). So you can stop worrying about your credit, and start doing something positive to repair it. USA Platinum is a solid option to rebuild your financial well-being.

USA Platinum Cards

  • $7500 Unsecured merchandise Line of Credit
  • Shopping Club offers over 14,000 products
  • Credit Limit Increases Available
  • Credit line is reported to a major Credit Bureau
  • No credit checks
  • No employment verifications
  • No interest charges
  • You can be approved even if you have No Credit or Bad Credit
Apply for great bad credit offers now!