Verizon Visa

If you’re trying to establish good credit, you might want to consider applying for a Verizon Visa. Verizon, the company best known for it’s wireless communications, offers a credit card through Citibank that is one of the more popular credit cards among first time applicants. If you’re looking to establish your credit record, this card may be the right choice for you.

One of the best ways to build credit is to pay your monthly bills in a timely and consistent fashion. When you sign up for a Verizon Visa, you can make payments online, or you can send in payments by mail. With consistent payment, you may earn credit increases over time. As you develop your credit record, you may find other credit cards offer better interest rates that Verizon simply can’t offer.

A company called Card Offers provides a website for Verizon Visa card holders to post their comments and reviews. Users gave this credit card mixed reviews. Many people commented on how difficult it was to contact the customer service center by phone or online. Other users complained about excessive increases in annual interest rates.

Many of the people who have applied for this card have posted user comments online. Most of the Verizon Visa customers were fairly satisfied with their credit card, with the major complaint being poor customer service accessibility. If you’re a low-maintenance card holder, this problem should not be a major concern.

Many of the people who used the Verizon Visa lauded the ease with which they received increases in their credit limits. Some satisfied customers also praised Verizon for lowering annual interest rates for loyal customers. Before you sign up for any credit card, it’s always a good idea to consider your income-to-debt ratio. A credit card in your wallet does not mean you have additional monthly income. Spending wisely and making consistent payments is the best way to develop good credit no matter which credit card you use.  You may also want to consider other credit cards such as the Sprint Visa (now merged with Nextel) if you are a Sprint subscriber or reap the rewards from the Verizon Visa..

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