What about Virgin America?

Virgin America is still growing in the Western United States. They seem to be growing slower than most were hoping for but its hard given today’s environment with high costs of fuel and people having less money to throw at leisure travel. We do not offer a Virgin America card at this time but here is an email a visitor recently wrote in to Virgin America. And I cannot agree more–

Will you guys please look into flights into DFW and other airports. As American Airlines and Delta have cut back so much it is not the time to get in on their non-stop flight monopolies. If Virgin America could do non-stop flights from DFW to other airports such as Vegas, LA, NYC, Chicago, Orlando they would have a great advantage. I normally fly first class on my flights and would much rather fly Virgin America than American or Delta. Please consider at least some flights from Chicago or DFW!

If you wish to contact Virgin America the number is 877-FLY-VIRGIN (877-359-8474).

Virgin America’s loyalty program for frequent flyer miles is called Elevate. You can read more about Virgin America on the offical website virginamerica.com.

If you fly from the US to London frequently then try the Virgin Atlantic Black Card.