Wells Fargo Rewards for Business and Personal

Wells Fargo Rewards for Business and Personal

Attempting to go through all of my junk mail that clogs up my mailbox on a daily basis one of the letters that stood out was from Wells Fargo. One of the reasons Wells Fargo drew in my attention is because I was not aware they had any rewards program at all. I am not a customer of their bank and never really been interested in being a customer because they do not offer high enough money market rates and they do not have annual fee-free rewards cards like their competitors.

I eagerly opened up the letter regarding the Wells Fargo Business Platinum Card with Cash Back. I was excited that they

were offering a 2% cash back credit card for business owners. I was thinking it is about time they offered a card to compete with the other great line of business cards. I was then reading even more carefully to the fine print and it had limits of $500 per calendar year in rewards. That seems like a low limit for a business rewards card. It also stated that you must purchase $2,000 to get the 2% cash back. You start out at 0.5% (just like a personal Discover Card at first) on your first $350 in purchases then work your way up to the “big” 1% when you spend between $350 and $2,000.

I then went on to the Wells Fargo rewards website at WellsFargoRewards.com to find that they charge an annual fee for their rewards programs normally. The Exclusive rewards program for check card has an annual fee of $12 a year. What good is a rewards program if you are charged for it? Although, their check card rewards program is cheaper than some other banks airline debit card miles programs that can be up to $40 annually. This may not be too bad of a deal if you are already a Wells Fargo bank customer and have an existing debit card.

There just seems to be so many catches with Wells Fargo rewards programs. You even have to spend $4

just to get one point instead of most banks just asking for a spend of $1 or $2 for one point. This just seems like a rip off to me. Maybe this bank is ran by the old school bankers who do not realize how valuable rewards programs are but judging from wellsfargorewards.com it seems there are much better banks.

You will now see all of my mailers from Wells Fargo going straight to the trash. They had their chance with me. If they want my attention they better put NO annual fee, NO Limits, and a full 2% cash back on all purchases or I will not even open the package.