Where to find cheap gas?

Increasing gas prices throughout the country have affected pocketbooks everywhere. It may seem as though there’s a Big Oil conspiracy; however, energy, like any other commodity, is subject to the laws of supply and demand. It may not be very comforting, but that’s the main reason why prices are so high (especially during summer or holiday weekends, when people drive more).

Such increases can cause real hardships, and there’s nothing like getting slammed at the pump by high prices. It takes the joy out of driving, cuts summer road trips short and makes idling in traffic even more frustrating. However, there can be great price disparities among gas station in the same city. A keen-eyed motorist should be able to spot a few cents’ difference between gas stations and significantly cut monthly gas costs.

There are also websites devoted to tracking the prices of gas stations in a particular area. These sites will compare local prices to national averages and peak highs, so motorists can tell whether they live in gas price nirvana or commuter purgatory. For example, one day’s survey showed that the cheapest gas was in Salt Lake City, Boise, and Tulsa.

The quest for cheaper gas has become so important that some cheap gas sites use Google Maps to map out the top gas stations in a city or state. They allow users to log in and enter their exact address. After typing this all in, the site provides a list of the closest gas stations and the most recent prices. These sites can be very current, with many updating prices 24 hours a day.  GasBuddy, is one of the most popular sites for US Residents and Canadian residents.  There are also many others found by searching for cheap gas prices and gas price watch.

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