Will We Really Miss the Headphone Jack? #iPhone7

cursor_and_apple_airpods_are_truly_wireless_earbuds___the_vergeApple had their annual release of the new iPhone today with an amazing performance by Sia. Most will not be that impressed with the iPhone 7 – especially Wall Street who has not been easy on the stock lately. Although there is NOTHING they could’ve done to the iPhone to impress everyone unless it could turn into a vape and maybe a gun or beam someone across the world. Most everything has been done before. But the simplest thing of just making it break-proof was looked over? Glad they upgraded the processor, made it waterproof, and the much needed upgrade to the camera.

I really needed the motivation to switch over to bluetooth (their version of it) and get rid of the cords. I absolutely loathe cords tangling up but I am going to hate having one more thing to charge up. The new phone will have No Audio jack, you now have to connect to lightning port. Good news that they include a lightning to AUX adapter in the box. The Airpod release is a wireless version of Earpod which is kind of expensive at $159 and does not come with the phone. While they claim that the lightning connector delivers more sound quality it really will make some of Apple’s biggest customers unhappy. Mostly DJ’s and travelers. Travelers because it makes us charge up one more item while being stuck at the airport or on the plane. If our headphones run down and we forget our connector or pass out and lose one of the air pods in our seat it could really cause more unneeded anxiety.

Bar and Nightclub DJs are complaining they will not have a backup when their Mac’s go out or when switching DJs. This is really bad news for Apple. This may cause thousands of DJs who are actually one of the main reasons Apple is seen as cool in people’s eyes to not upgrade to a new phone or new macbook pro if they take the headphone jacks out of them as well. The reason is because the soundboards do not have bluetooth. If you have ever been to a music festival or any club you will see the DJ who is using a Mac with the Apple light up which has been amazing marketing for the company for years they may not appreciate. Also, keep in mind that Apple’s DNA is MUSIC so it makes sense to keep everyone in the music industry behind them not just top 40 artists who are trying to sell music in their store. Think about the millions of dollars of free advertising Apple has gotten from DJs over the years from them using their products while performing.

Travel fans will love the Dual camera on the 7 Plus. One works as wide lens, another is telephoto. Combined in a photo suppose to give you the background blur type of photography. Good for portraits and selfies. Both phone versions will feature better cameras and they will be faster.

I was concerned that some airlines would not allow Bluetooth or this new wireless technology when taking off but apparently American Airlines is fine with it. Not sure about other international airlines. If you do a search of “Can I use Bluetooth headphones on a plane” you get mostly outdated results. I was told a few times that I could not use my Bluetooth mouse on American Airlines flights. I did send a tweet to American about this and they claim we can now use Bluetooth so I hope if I go all out and buy these headphones there will not be a problem.

cushions-iphone-7-headphonesAnother concern about bluetooth headphones or wireless ones is that we may lose them in our couches or in between our car seats. They will be small and easy to lose around the home and when traveling and probably something people will want to steal besides being something that needs to be charged every few hours. Hopefully they will include trackers on them at some point so we can find them.

Apple Watch 2: Like the swimmer feature and it being waterproof but they should’ve been more ambitious to make it more like the Gear 3 with LTE so we could use it without an iPhone.
– New iWatch named (Series 2). Also release special version collaborating with Nike. It is waterproof (50m water resistance to be exact).
– Released Pokemon GO app for iWatch. You can spin pokestop, hatch egg, catch pokemon. A simple UI integrated with tracking. Pretty cool.

More summary of the Apple Keynote:
– New Mario game for iOS release. It’s a side-scroll running and jumping gamewhere you can control only jumping and climbing?
– Real time collaboration (editing of documents) for iWork (Apple’s version of Office)
– iOS 10 Release in upcoming weeks.
– Better Siri.
– No more 16gb and 64gb version of the iPhone it finally starts with 32gb, 128gb, and 256gb
– Phone now comes in White, Pink (Rose Gold), Grey, Black, Jet Black (more glossy version of black)

The new iPhone 7 starts out with 32gb with a lot more memory than the 16gb in previous phones. The cost starts out at $649 but if you get this credit card from AT&T you can basically get it for free with up to $650 off with no contract.