Up to $1,000 Driver Sign-up Bonus for Lyft

lyft driver 1000bonusThe new sharing economy is bringing a surplus of new jobs that were unheard of before thanks to technology and the dying breed of rude taxi cabs. Extra income working a part time job driving a new or partially used car can bring in some big bucks especially with a good attitude.

Lyft Up to $1,000 New Driver Bonus
For a limited time, earn a $1,000 bonus after 250 rides when you become a Lyft Driver in targeted cities such as Dallas, Texas. These do not last very long so you should sign up for the $1000 Lyft Driver Bonuses now if you live in Dallas, New York City, or San Francisco. You can get a $750 in other cities. Lyft recently brought back the big $1000 new driver bonus starting with San Francisco and added New York City to the list. The bonuses have been increasing as Lyft continues its fight for market share.

Sign Up Today As A Lyft Driver:
1. SIGN UP HERE! To Become A New Lyft Driver and Qualify for A Bonus.
2. Make sure to get approved within 30 days of starting your application with a background check, mentor ride, etc.
3. Complete all your rides within 30 days after being approved as a Lyft driver

Lyft Driver City Bonus Offers
Lyft now has a huge $1000 Bonus for new drivers in Boston who complete 100 rides in 30 days. While they reduced the bonus in many other cities (with the max at $750) the Boston Market is the hottest right now for new drivers. Lyft is in the ride sharing market and they constantly update their referral program. The latest is their Double-Sided New Driver Referrals. With this both the existing Lyft driver and the new Lyft driver get a bonus of up to $1,000. The bonus amount varies depending on city but ranges from $50 to $1,000. For example, Miami has a $100 bonus while Austin has a $250 bonus.

Chicago though, has a $500 bonus. To qualify all you have to do is refer the new Lyft driver and then have that driver complete 30 trips within the first 30 days. Also, you should be an existing Lyft driver in good standing at the time of referred applicant’s application and qualification and the new Lyft driver must sign up with your referral code and / or link. After that both accounts will get awarded up to $500!

Uber $500 Referral Bonus for Lyft Drivers
Uber is one of the industry leaders in one of the fastest growing new business categories. Ride sharing is becoming more and more popular as the services expand to more and more cities. To help fuel its expansion, Uber is offering an incredible $500 referral bonus for any Lyft drivers that want to sign up for Uber. All you have to do is prove that you were a Lyft driver before April 1st of 2015. To do this you just need your pay statement from Lyft. It doesn’t matter whether you were a long time Lyft driver or just a Lyft driver for a day. You also have to have a car that is 2001 or newer and complete at least 20 trips on Uber. Not only is this simple to do but you get $500 in your account for doing what your already doing. If you did not drive for Lyft before and you just signed up then be patient as Uber will roll out another promotion soon that could be up to $1,000 for new drivers of Lyft.

No Car, No Problem
If you’ve ever been interested in ride-sharing but do not own a car to give these rides then Lyft will make those concerns a thing of the past. Lyft in a partnership with GM announced a ‘Express Ride’ program, which will allow users to rent a GM vehicle for up to 8 weeks with the purpose of picking up fares through the app and making a little cash on the side. ‘Express Drive’ will make its debut in Chicago, where GM will furnish 125 Chevy Equinoxes through its Maven program. The program will then roll out to several cities including Boston, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. Drivers will be able to rent vehicles for $99/month with a minimum of 45 Lyft fares. If a driver nabs more that 65 fares, there is no rental fee for the vehicle. Both Lyft and GM will cover maintenance and insurance for the fleet. Who knows maybe you could also do some driving for Uber and Postmates on the side and make even more money with a car you do not own.

Sign up for both?
Lyft and Uber
and offering cut-throat driver referrals right now and many new drivers have signed-up for both. Lyft and Uber can both drive places the other cannot get into thanks to some city regulations. For example, DFW airport closes a blind eye to Lyft drivers coming into the airport but Uber X is not allowed. You could work for Lyft get a $500 bonus then switch over to Uber for another $500 bonus.