How to Get Free or Cheap Lyft and Uber Rides

When it comes to getting around town whether you are going out on the town for the night, drinking for happy hour, or traveling with your family the best ride is with ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. Uber and Lyft are part of a sharing economy that gets us normally a brand new car picking us up instead of a old run down taxi.  The best part is that we can call Uber or Lyft by pressing a button on our iPhone, Windows Mobile, or Android smart phone and it tells us when the driver will arrive.

Register here to get up to $50 in credits from Lyft towards your first 10 rides.  Lyft is similar to Uber but it’s a bit more personal where you can add more to your profile and know more about the person driving you.  They can sometimes be cheaper as their surge rate seems less than the competition most of the time.  A surge rate is when they do not have many drivers or they are busy on a big holiday such as Memorial Day Weekend at 10pm or 2am.

$5 Off Lyft in New Orleans
Never miss a jazz solo, beignet, or parade, because Lyft is now live in the Crescent City. Whether you’re partying your way down Frenchmen street or eating your weight in crawfish, Lyft will get you wherever you need to go. Get $5 off your first ride in New Orleans with CODE:GOODTIMESROLL. Valid for 1 ride with max $5 discount. Offer valid until 5/30.

Uber Promos
Register here to get a $15 credit for Uber towards a Free Ride. Make sure that Promo code ubervip4me is entered. Uber is an amazing on-demand car service that is replacing taxi’s and they have service in most cities across the country.

Bonus Cash Back and Starwood Points
If you have the Capital One Quicksilver card or the Capital One QuicksilverOne card, you’ll get 20% back on all Uber rides through April 30, 2016. This is an amazing discount off the popular Uber service. If you’re stayed at a Starwood hotel you can also get bonus points once you sync your Uber account.

LAX Airport Options
You can now open your UberX or Lyft when you land at LAX which were barred for awhile. Both UberX and Lyft have had hurdles at some airports getting accepted but finally they will be permanent at LAX. Other competitors in the on-demand ride space include Wingz and Sidecar.

Taxi’s have long been known for scams when in places such as Brazil and really any city in the world.  You will always find a Taxi that will find one way to rip you off.  Not saying that Uber and Lyft completely do away with Taxi’s but in Today’s sharing economy we will use they much less as time goes on.  Uber does call Taxi’s in some cities such as NYC.