Capital One for Small Business

Capital One has turned out to be one of the survivor stories of the hard recession we are in right now in America. They still continue to thrive and offer some of the best offers to business and consumer. Below are two great credit cards for small business to increase your standing in the office and productivity. Time equals money when it comes to the “no hassle” of Capital One. You earn double miles with no expiration with this first card listed with no limits. You can keep this card for a year and try it out for free but im sure it will pay for its own way once you get all these double miles.

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Capital One Business Platinum Cards for Cash Back

The Capitol One Business Platinum Card has some excellent features for businesses using the card. It offers zero percent interest on all purchases and there is no annual fee for the card. It also gives card holders 1 percent cash back on all purchases that can be accessed whenever you want.

The Capital One Business Platinum Card provides businesses with a yearly report summarizing expenses. Since purchases are itemized it makes the accounting and monitoring of the purchases made on the card simple. Cards can be ordered for employees of the business with no additional charge.

Capital One Business Platinum Cards offer basically the same benefits as most other business cards. Card holders are protected from fraud and identity theft and also have access to the Visa Affiliates program, which provides discounts on office supplies, car rentals, and other business related items.

Businesses can also monitor their account with the security features provided with the Capital One Business Platinum Card. Their website is specially encrypted, ensuring any information entered there will not end up in other people hands. Fraud can be reported by phone or through their website, and any account activity can be delivered to a mobile device or emailed to whoever is in charge of the card.

Accounts are easily managed online and by setting up an account online the user can enroll to receive activity reports, add card holders, and monitor the spending of employees. There is a toll free customer service line that can be used for questions or any credit card issues.

The Capital One Business Platinum Card is a great option for businesses with good credit who are looking to increase their credit rating. There is no annual fee to worry about and the future interest rate increases are not near as exorbitant as some other business cards. The Capital One Business Platinum Card with No Hassle Cash is the perfect credit card for business owners who are interested in getting cash back on purchases, transferring balances, or traveling internationally.

The Cash Back rewards earned on the Capital One Business Platinum Card (see the comparison) are easily redeemed. The card holder can either request a payout, set up an award to be made at a certain date during the year, or get their cash back when it reaches a specific amount, which can be $25, $50, $100 or $200. Rewards can be redeemed by either using their website or calling the Rewards Center. Gift cards can also be purchased using your cash back bonus starting at $20.

Rewards earned on the Capital One Business Platinum Card can be transferred to other U.S. Cash rewards, miles, or points accounts. Other Visa benefits that apply to the card include:

  • Auto rental insurance
  • Visa dining discounts
  • Savings on business hotels
  • Extended purchase protection
  • Emergency and travel assistance

Capital One Business Platinum Cards offer business owners an opportunity to get a card they can use to make purchases for their business without having to pay a fee to receive the card. The cash back feature is also an attractive option for businesses that will be using the card on a regular basis. For those who are looking for a basic business credit card without all the bells and whistles and additional fees, the Capital One Business Platinum Card presents a good option.