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These days just about every credit card company around offers airline reward miles. When you make purchases using your credit card, you earn miles or points toward airfare. When shopping for a miles credit card, it’s important to check the interest rate, annual fees, and the number of miles or points it takes to earn airline tickets and upgrades.

One of the most popular miles cards around is the “No Hassle Miles” card from Capital One. The “No Hassle” card makes it easier than ever to redeem your miles for airline tickets. You can earn a free ticket starting at just 15,000 miles.

The miles reward card is ideal for people who use credit cards for business, or for large purchases like electronics or household items. If you use your card every month, the miles can add up quickly. 15,000 miles earns you a “Server” plane ticket worth around $150. If you reach 35,000 miles, you can cash them in for a “Standard” ticket worth up to $350. 60,000 miles earns you a “Super” ticket, which you can redeem at any airline for up to $600.

Capital One rewards customers for their loyalty with mileage bonuses. If your account is active and in good standing for a year, Capital One will give you 10,000 bonus miles. After the second year, you receive another 10,000 miles. In order to qualify for these bonuses, you must have charged at least $3,000 on your Capital One card in each of these years.

Worried about traveling with a credit card overseas and getting hit with enormous fees? Capital One cards do not charge this fee which makes it a 0% transaction fee. If Visa or MasterCard try to charge a fee then they will normally cover the fee that is charged.

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Capital One owns the No Hassle Cards but what about some other cards for the weekend shopping activities or with lower interest. Capital One also offers two no hassle cards for small business.

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Consumers emails about Capital One


I noticed that you don’t have any of Capital One’s cards on your website. In my opinion, they are by far the leader in rewards programs. I have right now their No Hassle Cash Rewards card and I get 1% cash back on all purchases and then at the end of the year I get an additional 25% cash back on the total 1% that I earned throughout the year. Even better than that though, I can go to their cash rewards website and redeem my rewards as soon as the transaction posts to the website (through an electronic credit to either my statement or to my bank account).

Therefore as an example, if I go out and charge something for $40, I can later that day credit my bank account with $.40 instantly and then at the end of the year I will make an additional 25% on that $.40 so in total I am making $.50 for a $40 transaction. Capital One also has a great air travel rewards program with no blackout dates, etc. that I recommend you check out as well.


Thanks for the email Bryan. We agree that Capital One has some great credit cards. One major advantage they have is that you can use them overseas without the added fees you find on cards from Chase or Citibank. Although with each credit card company you also have disadvantages. Capital One reports credit limits to the bureaus differently than most issuers. This is a policy that can lead to credit score damage for cardholders by making it appear that they are maxing out their accounts because the bureaus do not see the amount the consumer is actually spending from this card issuer. That is one thing to beware when comparing cards.

Furthermore, Capital One may not offer the best “no hassle” credit card. There are many cards that offer “no hassle” that compare head to head or are better: take a look at the American Express version with “No Hassle”.

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