0% APR Credit Cards up to 24 months

0% Balance Transfer & Purchase Cards are available from as little as 6 months to 24 months intro period into 2017. If you’re carrying a high balance and paying interest each month, you can save a lot of money by doing a balance transfer of your balance. It’s important to factor in the balance transfer fee of 3% of your total balance unless the card has a no balance transfer fee or a sign up bonus to the fee.

Zero APR cards are some of the most misunderstood credit cards on the market. Basically, zero APR means that card users do not pay any interest on the purchases they make or on balance transfers. This alone is enough to get many consumers to sign up for a zero APR card. However, what most consumers don’t realize is that zero APR usually only applies for a specified introductory period, after which interest rates can jump dramatically.

When shopping for a zero APR card you’ll want to look for the longest introductory period. The longer the zero APR period, the more money you’ll save. A six month to one year introductory period is good. You’ll also want to look for a card that offers user rewards and that has a post-introductory APR of less than 10 percent.

0% APR Credit Card Offers:
Discover it offers 18 months 0% APR on balance transfers along with no annual fee, no over limit fee, and no foreign transaction fee. Pay zero late fee on your first late payment and they won’t increase your APR for paying late. New technology comes with the card including the much-advertised Freeze It on/off switch lets you prevent new purchases, cash advances and balance transfers. Freeze or unfreeze your account in seconds via the Discover website or mobile app. Another bonus is the free FICO Credit Score on monthly statements, online and in our mobile app.

The Chase Slate is another card to consider for a long-term balance transfer. They offer a 0% Introductory APR on balance transfers and purchases for 15 months and $0 balance transfer fee for the first 60 days. Zero percent interest on purchases for 15 months brings you almost into 2017 then the purchase APR becomes 12.99%, 17.99, or 22.99% variable.

The credit centered economy of the United States has caused a huge surge in personal bankruptcies and other personal financial difficulties. The problem is that many Americans simply do not understand the ins and outs of debt financing. Using credit cards seems an easy solution to most people’s financial problems, but if you’re not careful, you could wind up in an even worse financial state than before.

Even worse, some financial companies mislead consumers about their credit choices. They promote cards offering things like huge rewards or zero annual percentage rate to attract customers without alerting them to hidden fees and plan changes. RewardsCards.com is dedicated to helping consumers clear up the mysteries of personal credit by presenting clear and accurate credit card information and by offering a range of choices for customers with all sorts of personal credit history.