Clean your Slate with this Credit Card?

What distinguishes the Slate® from Chase from other balance transfer credit cards?

With an introductory zero percent A.P.R. for up to 15 months, the Slate(SM) from Chase outstrips its competitors in offering the consumer an excellent refuge from high year end interest fees for the first twelve billing cycles. The card also offers a series of incentives that help the consumer pay down debt and manage their finances with a straight-ahead, user-friendly interface known as Blueprint. With 24/7 online support and a repository of reputable banking knowledge from Chase, the Slate card offers a financial flexibility and accessibility not found anywhere else.

As an example of the financial flexibility that Slate(SM) from Chase offers, the consumer can choose the A.P.R. plan for purchases that works best for them; depending on your history and your preferences, you can experiment with different billing cycles and A.P.R. rates.
Blueprint is an innovative new tool that helps the consumer track their purchases online and make payment choices that help keep interest rates low. The “full pay” feature allows the consumer to flag items they wish to pay in full, such as food purchases or gas expenditures. The “split” feature allows the consumer to tag large purchases and determine a method of paying it off in regular installments. The “finish it” feature helps consumers to settle their entire balance by a certain date by calculating payments and breaking them down into monthly installments. Finally, consumers can easily view all of their transactions and payment choices online with the “track it” option.

The Slate’s emphasis on helping consumers take control of their finances with helpful, readily available tools makes the card unusually friendly in a marketplace not renowned for its forthright, assistive approach. In many ways, the Slate(SM) from Chase employs tactics that benefit the consumer, and therefore, in the long run, benefit the credit card company as well. By offering consumers insight into their spending habits and their ability to manage their debt, Slate is the first credit card that actively encourages responsible financial participation. Although it would be a stretch to say that the Slate card is the first part of a larger turnaround in thinking on the part of major lending institutions, it certainty displays all the signs of a far more friendly, user-oriented card.

But Slate(SM) from Chase excels in other ways. Consumers can easily find out more information about the Slate card by visiting Chase’s informative and constantly maintained website. Websites, which are the de facto replacements for brick and mortar institutions, sometimes can tell you more about a company than the local physical branch. The accessibility of the website, and the ease of use for the consumer, make the this card the finest balance transfer credit card on the market today.