Clean Your Holiday Slate with this Offer with up to 15 months Balance Transfer

The Chase Slate Card is an innovative way to manage your debt better.  When you use their Blueprint you have 4 features to avoid paying full interest on everyday things seperated on the statement, Finish your balance by paying it down faster with a goal date, Track your spending trends, and pay off larger purchases on your own terms seperated on the statement.  The Blueprint service from Chase could not have come at a better time to help people plan out their payments.  You will also notice a new trend in credit cards where the Visa or MasterCard logo does not appear in the front of the card but in the back with the card number.  This may impress some people at the grocery store but throw the cashier off guard at first.

The first card listed is with No Balance Transfer fee but is only for a limited time. You need to transfer any balances within 30 days of opening your account to get the no-fee transfer deal with no interest. This card is not a mileage card for those who are looking to increase their points balances but is more of an option for anyone looking to make an educated financial decision to work on paying off existing balances. This helps your credit score. Chase also has Blueprint which comes free with this card, a program designed to help you understand your finances and pay off your balances.

The 0% Introductory APR comes up to 15 months depending on your credit history and application review.  While the length of the introductory period varies, you will find that the bank will also decide whether you get 15 billing cycles for purchases and balance transfers. This card gives you the chance to at least be in the right direction of starting off with a clean “slate”.

Pictured above is the new Slate(SM) Design everyone will be talking about including the media. This is one cool card. Chase Bank has recently added the Blueprint to the card’s artwork.

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