No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Cards

We get emails all the time asking for a complete list of credit cards that do not have balance transfer fees. You will find a list below of the current credit cards that do not charge an initial balance transfer fee. Note these are also 0% APR Credit Cards.  There are some card offers that do not charge a fee but have 3.99% APR or charge a small interest.

Make sure that you do not get fooled when you sign up for a 0% credit card offer and start transferring balances and end up with balance transfer fees.  You must read the fine print because not all 0% APR offers are the same.  The majority of the credit cards you find come with 0% APR but that doesn’t save you much if you end up paying 3% in BT fees.  This is why we have devised this list of some of the cards we know that do offer this great luxury of no initial fees:

One sure fire way to get out of credit card debt fast is to lower your interest rate. And, while some cardholders have success in negotiating a lower interest rate with their current credit card companies, others take advantage of no balance transfer fee credit cards that allow them to pay against the principle balance without accumulating interest fees for a set amount of time. If you are looking to take advantage of 0%, $0 fee balance transfers, here are some of the best offers out there.

1. The Discover IT Card – This credit card allows you to transfer your balance without paying a dime. What’s more is that the 0% interest period is up to 18 months, giving you plenty of time to pay down your balance without incurring any interest fees.

2. Slate® from Chase– Chase’s Slate card allows you to transfer your balances from your high interest credit cards for free as long as you transfer the balances within 30 days of opening your account. In addition, you’ll enjoy 15 months of interest free payments against those balances as well as a $0 annual fee.

3. The Capital One VentureOne Card-The VentureOne card allows you to transfer your balances for free but forgoes the interest free period on transferred balances, meaning that you will begin to accrue (and pay) interest from the first day you transfer your balance. But you won’t pay an annual fee to carry the card and you will earn rewards miles every time you use it as well as receiving a 10,000 mile bonus when you open an account.

4. The Capital One Venture Card- This card offer is very similar to the VentureOne card with the addition of an annual fee of $59 after the first year.

5. The Sony Card from Capital One– Once again, this card offer is structured very similarly to the Venture and VentureOne card offers, with one notable exception. Instead of rewards miles, you earn rewards points redeemable toward Sony purchases. This card includes a 0% intro rate on purchases for 10 months, however no intro period for balance transfers.
6. American Express Blue Card – 0% APR for 6 months.
Of course, combining a $0 balance transfer fee with a 0% introductory period for balance transfers is the fastest way to pay down credit card balances, qualifying for such a deal can be difficult. In these cases, it might make sense to take advantage of a $0 balance transfer opportunity that allows you pay a lower interest rate than what you currently pay in order to pay off credit card debt faster.

Need more cards with no balance transfer fee but do carry a interest rate:

Simmons Card Visa Platinum Rewards9.25% variable, No balance transfer fee with initial offer.

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Note that some card offers vary per applicant and you must check the terms and conditions in each Balance Transfer offer to make sure there are no fees and to doublecheck the APR.

A Bank Worth Half A Mention

Pulaski Bank (now Iberia Bank) – This is a card if you are already saturated with Bank of America and Citibank cards and you need another card to transfer balances from those banks with no fees at 0%. Offer is for 6 billing statements increasing to 7.99% afterwards. You get to choose between a MasterCard or VISA. They seem to be very picky with applicants so make sure you have the best of credit.

Organizations with Free Transfers

The NEA RateSmart Credit Card – Call 1-877-721-9398 for more information and this card is only for members of the National Education Association.

Former Top NO Balance Transfer Fee Cards

Most of the Bank of America Cards have fees for balance transfers now. The free loan that we get with no balance transfer fees may be coming to an end since this credit crisis is roaring outside the bank’s doors. Our most popular balance transfer cards from BOA were the Visa Platinum Plus Card and the BOA Cash Rewards. We should also mention Bryant State Bank which had NO balance transfer fee.  Low introductory rate of 3.25% on balance transfers for 6 months

Read The Fine Print

Read the fine print on the application when applying for “no fee balance transfer cards”. The credit card issuers change the applications and terms almost weekly. Here are some notices about balance transfer fees and how Fee caps can save you money on transfers.