Bank of America Visa Platinum Plus

Bank of America is one of the only credit card issuers left that has a good selection of cards that offer no balance transfer fee.  If you already have a good rewards card and wish to get a card just to transfer balances to and stash away somewhere we found the best card for this purpose.  The Visa Platinum Plus from Bank of America offers six months of interest free purchases, balance transfers, and cash advance checks.  This Platinum Visa also offers a higher credit line than you see on some cards.  You also receive Platinum Plus benefits like Purchase Guard, Purchase Replacement, and Automatic Rental Insurance.    After your introductory APR expires you get a lower rate than on most cards in the Bank of America portfolio.

Want Rewards instead? If you prefer a rewards card from Bank of America then try the Cash Rewards M/C. Although, You will have a balance transfer fee with the rewards card.

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