Low APR Credit Cards

Low APR Credit Cards

Low APR credit card offers are now available from most major credit card companies. However, some only offer low APRs for a short time before greatly increasing the amount of interest one must pay. For instance, a person might receive zero percent APR for 60 days and then promptly have to pay upwards of 18 percent, so it is important to check out all of the details of an offer before signing on. Many companies that offer consistently low APRs will reserve the right to change those rates with no real warning. In order to avoid this type of situation, many people will seek out low fixed rate credit cards. If a card features zero percent APR for an introductory period and 8.5 percent APR after that, the company is required to maintain those rates without increase for a set period of time.

Using a Low APR Credit Card to Establish Credit

There are low interest cards available that are specifically made for people who have no real credit history. Oftentimes, students and those just entering the work force desperately need to establish a solid credit line. A low APR card makes it much easier to keep fees low, which should help members make payments on time. First-time card holders who enjoy low rates will most likely have low credit limits. Keeping the limit to a few hundred dollars should help a person stay on top of payments.

Moving on from There… If a person handles a low limit, low APR card well, he will be able to establish good credit, and will then be eligible for cards with higher limits and more bonuses. With a healthy credit record, many more smart financial steps are possible.

Low APR Credit Card Offers: