Which Chase Credit Cards Have the Lowest Interest?

Chase Bank offers a number of credit card options, including low interest cards, student credit cards, rewards cards and credit cards with a cash back incentive. While rewards cards can be tempting, these are best used by customers who pay their balances in full, unless the interest rate is low. If you carry a credit card balance, you should look for a low interest Chase credit card to keep your overall debt under control. Carefully read all credit card terms to choose the card with the lowest rates. Your interest rates will depend not only on the card you choose, but also on your credit rating.

Chase offers one credit card marketed as a low interest option, the Chase Platinum card. The introductory APR is based on your credit rating. Customers who qualify for elite or premium pricing will receive a 0% APR for the first 12 months. Those with an elite rating will continue at a 9.24% APR, while premium customers will have a  13.24% APR. Standard rates are less appealing, with an 18.24% variable APR. Customers with a standard credit rating will not receive an introductory rate. All APRs may be changed at any time according to the terms of the card. (This offer has since ended)

Interestingly, Chase cards marketed or promoted for their rewards programs may be a better choice in terms of interest rates as well. The Chase Sapphire card offers no annual fee and a rewards point program. If you do not receive the elite rate on the low interest Chase card, this may be a better all around credit card choice. Redeem your rewards on merchandise, hotels or airfare.

The Chase Disney Rewards card (offer has since ended) is another possibility for customers looking for a lower interest credit card choice. There is a 0% APR for the first six billing cycles, and another six month period at a 0% APR after a qualifying Disney vacation package purchase. A 13.24% or 16.24% APR will apply once all promotional offers end, depending upon the customer’s credit and payment history. Disney Rewards and theme park perks also apply with this credit card.

When choosing a Chase credit card, consider calling the company and asking for the best possible rate. While today’s economy has made opening new lines of credit more difficult, if you have a good credit rating, you may find that they can offer a more desirable rate than is typically advertised. Learn more about Chase card options at chasecreditcards.com.

How do these cards compare to other banks?  Chase also has some newer options when it comes to lowering your overall interest rates with a new blueprint console online.  This comes with the Slate(SM) from Chase available now.

Article written June 2009 – Keep in mind that rates change so you need to check the rates as they may be different from when this article was written.