Save at the Pump with The Drivers Edge from Citi

The Citi Driver’s Edge Card has set new rules for higher amounts paid on gas station rebates with one major catch.  Drivers Edge lets you pick any Car, choose from their Thank You Rewards Network, and gives you back a full 6% on gas purchases, drugstores, and supermarket chains. The Citi® Driver’s Edge® Platinum Select® Card earns you automotive rebates on your everyday purchases. Use your rebates toward a new or used car – or service, repair or maintenance on your current car. The maximum amount of rebates that can be redeemed is $2,500 per vehicle and any unused rebates expire in 5 years from the original date. Rebates can also be used for payment of maintenance, service, or repair performed on a vehicle including oil changes, wheel alignments, and tune-ups.  The major disadvantage is a limit of $1,000 in rebates you can earn per year.  With high energy prices it does not take long to rack up $1,000.   Make sure you have another credit card on tap for those gas purchases that go over the limit.

Do the Drivers Edge Card rebates have a limit?

Unfortunately, the Drivers Edge Card does have a low maximum amount.  You may earn a maximum of $1,000 in rebates each year under the Driver’s Edge Rebate Program based upon the date you become a Citi Driver’s Edge cardmember. The maximum rebate amount you may earn includes any rebates earned under the Drive Rebates feature, the promotional rebates earned on purchases at supermarkets, drugstores and gas stations, and any other special or promotional rebates that you may be eligible to earn or receive.  If you wish to learn about an auto related card that does not expire then you should compare.

Will the Drivers Edge rebates expire?

Rebates will automatically expire if you do not make a transaction on your Driver’s Edge account for 12 consecutive months, or if you do not redeem your rebates within five years from the date the rebates are earned.

Consumer Comments on Drivers Edge Card:

“I switched to Chase Visa from the Citicard Driver’s Edge Platinum Plus Mastercard after having to jump through hoops to get my rebates!  I did get my rebate of approximately $100 when I purchased my car; however, the forms required to submit milage and service on one’s car were confusing and a hassle.  I have been with Chase Visa now and have been 100% satisfied.  I get 5% cash back at gas stations, grocery stores and pharmacies and 1% every where else.  All I do is call to 1 (800) number to have my $50 check sent right to me.  It’s that simple!” — Carol, NJ

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