Hyatt Rewards Program plus the Visa Card make a great combo

There is nothing more relaxing than staying at a Hyatt Hotel to relax. Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation, the luxury of Hyatt Hotel always makes your stay rewarding. Hyatt Hotels’ commitment to luxury and excellence always makes each stay a memorable and rewarding experience. However, Hyatt must have felt like that wasn’t enough, which is why they came out with the Hyatt Hotel Rewards Program.

We didn’t need more reasons to keep coming back to the Hyatt Hotel, but these benefits are definitely a welcome surprise. There are three membership levels in the Hyatt Rewards Program, each with its own set of perks and benefits. Let’s go through they key benefits of each level briefly. If you are a Gold member, you get free nights. Unlike other hotels, there are no blackout dates for this night. You can use any available standard room. You also earn five points for ever dollar spent. Of course, there is also the popular points to miles conversion. The more you spend, the more chances you will get to travel. It might not be a hard decision for some but the new and improved Hyatt Visa card for people like me who stay in hotels frequently may find this card golden. If you are a Platinum member of Hyatt you can upgrade to a suite twice with the promo offer or if not then take two free rooms after one purchase. If you do not have the Hyatt Platinum you should email for a status challenge. The new card works great for international purchases since it has no extra fees that other cards have called the foreign exchange fee. This alone can save you 3% or so on foreign travel to London or even a trip up to Canada.

For Platinum members, you get 30% point bonus every time you stay at the hotel. You also get free Internet access in your room, which is guaranteed of 72-hour availability. Maybe my personal favorite is the special rewards you get after every three times you stay at the Hyatt. Imagine getting rewards for staying in a hotel.

Now for Diamond members, the rewards get even bigger. For starters, you will earn a 30% point bonus every time you stay at the Hyatt. That’s double what you get as a Platinum member. Internet access is also complimentary in your rooms, but the best thing about this membership level is definitely the free upgrades. Every year, Platinum members are entitled to four free suite upgrades.

The Hyatt Visa card from Chase does what we didn’t think possible. It has actually improved upon the Hyatt Rewards program. For only $75 annually, users will receive a ton of perks and benefits, which makes the whole deal practically a steal. Let’s talk about some of the benefits Hyatt Visa users will enjoy.

Hyatt Visa users will 3 Gold Passport points for every eligible dollar they spend on Hyatt land. Outside the Hyatt, you will get a point per dollar. These points will add up and eventually you can convert them to miles. If you are a foreign traveler, you will also be glad to know that there are no foreign transaction fees with the Hyatt Visa card. Also, because it IS a Visa card, frequent travelers can relax in the fact that they are covered by Visa Signature cards’ umbrella of concierge services, as well as travel protection.

Users will also receive complimentary Internet access in their rooms, as well as expedited check-in. Also if you are a Platinum member of the Hyatt Rewards Program, you will earn an extra 15% points bonus every time you stay at the Hyatt.

The main reason people have been signing up for the Hyatt Visa card, however, is their amazing sign-on bonus. When you apply for a card, you automatically receive two free nights at any Hyatt hotel in the world. Compare that to other hotel promos that offer two free nights in only their most low-end hotels. With this promo, any Hyatt you want to stay in, you can.

We really did not believe that the Hyatt Hotel Rewards Program could be improved, but it looks like the Hyatt Visa card by Chase has proven us wrong. Between these two amazing offers, where else are you going to stay?