American Express Gold Card Review

Many credit card companies are offering tempting features to their current cards in order to attract new customers. American Express has recently introduced a new card to their line up called the American Express Gold Card. This card offers a number of features that will give many benefits, making switching from their current credit card to this new American Express card worthwhile.

One of the primary reasons credit card holders will switch to a new credit card is for a lower interest rate. This card does not have an interest rate as it is a charge card, making it ideal for those who pay their balance every month in full. Card holders who do not carry a balance will find that having a card that does not carry fees and rates associated with interest may reduce overall additional costs.

Many credit cards come with high fees such as set up fees, annual fees or other costs. This Rewards card waives the annual fee for the first year, saving up to $175 for the first year. There is no set up fee for this card, creating even greater savings for those switching to this new card. By switching cards, it is possible to save a substantial amount of money simply by avoiding set up fees and from the removal of the first yearly fee.

Another bonus to this Gold card is the amount of points earned on spending. This card offers 3-2-1 points, which allows holders to earn points at faster rates than other cards. These points can then be used to purchase merchandise, travel and airfare. Points are earned based on what the purchase was for with airfare being the top points earning purchase. Triple points are earned for every purchase made for airfare and double points for purchases of gasoline and groceries. Purchases that do not fit these categories earn regular points.

Outstanding membership rewards offer yet another reason credit card holders will find switching to the American Express Gold Card to be a good decision. Members who spend $2000 in the first three months of having the card will earn 25,000 bonus rewards points. These points can help new cardholders start receiving membership rewards faster. Those who spend $30,000 per year will earn an additional 15,000 bonus membership points. By earning rewards at an increased rate, new card holders can begin redeeming them for valuable rewards faster than with other cards.

By combining increased reward point rates with a no interest and low fee card, the American Express Gold Rewards card can offer card holders outstanding benefits and rewards. These rewards can offer substantial savings over other credit cards and lead to faster rewards benefits.

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