No Annual Fee Credit Cards

With the economy bearing down on consumer credit, it has become increasingly difficult to acquire credit cards that come with all the bells and whistles that many often look for. Low interest rates, cash or mile rewards and no annual fees are some of the options high on consumers’ wish lists. Finding credit that offers all these options is difficult, but not impossible. You just need to know were to start.

Credit cards can be broken down into many different categories, depending on what characteristics and benefits you are looking to compare. Looking for cards without annual fees is about as simple as it gets. All you need to do is weed out all the cards that do carry annual fees. Clearly, most consumers would prefer not to have to pay for using credit, and fortunately, there are countless companies offering credit without charging for the use of it. Many of these companies will also add additional benefits to their service, including lower interest rates and cash or mile rewards.

Many websites will take a snapshot of your credit history, and map out a few paths that you can take as far as choosing a credit card that fits your personal style. Often, when you fill out numerous applications with lenders, and especially if you do so without doing any research as to what better suits your needs, you end up disappointed by rejection letters. Not only can this damage your self-esteem, but it also takes quite a toll on your credit history. Some financial institutions will even reject an application simply because you have too many applications that have been filled out in a certain window of time. So do your due diligence by investigating the options available to you before applying, and use websites that offer credit-matching services, as these can really help you head in the right direction.

Credit cards that carry no annual fees are becoming more popular with the struggling economy. With the wide array of credit cards available today, it is easier than ever to find a card that is right for you. American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are all popular cards, and all offer several zero annual fee offers for consumers of all financial status and credit background. With this kind of financial freedom, it is no wonder why cards without annual fees seem to be gaining in popularity.

Whether you are a family oriented consumer, who just wants to have an emergency option for your loved ones, or a mall rat looking to access increased spending power, a credit card can be a valuable tool. Do your research on the countless offers out there, find one that best suits your needs and expectations, and do not forget to pursue a card that comes without a zero annual fee policy. This will give you added peace of mind that you need only pay for what you buy.

Our Top 3 NO Annual Fee Credit Cards:

1. Chase Visa

2. Citibank Platinum

3. Discover Platinum