Discover Branded Credit Cards

Discover credit cards burst onto the scene several years ago promising “cash back” to all members. People could actually get a certain percentage of their purchases returned to them. The advertising led one to believe that he could literally make money by spending money. While that might not have been exactly true, people latched onto the idea of getting something for using their credit cards, and the Discover branded cards grew in popularity.

Giving Back to Consumers

Discover continues to pride itself on giving something back to the consumer. This tactic has been so successful that other companies have begun to emulate it. Discover branded cards, a leading rewards cards issuer, says it paid out $500 million to its customers last year. Some major credit cards now offer users rebates on gas purchases, travel expenses, and much more. In the beginning, there was only the standard “Discover Card”. The percentage of cash back was relatively low, and there was only one design to choose from. However, as the company grew, so grew the number of Discover products.

Winter Wonderland: Zynga’s FarmVille Expansion

Existing card members can turn $25 in Discover cashback bonus into a $50 Zynga Game Card, while non-cardmembers who apply and are approved for a card through a special link, can receive a $100 Zynga game card after making their first purchase with their Discover card.

While giving money back to members is still a major perk of Discover, the company continues to add features to its cards. The Cashback Bonus Program gives you the most redemption choices of any cash rewards program: check, electronic deposit to any account, credit to your Discover® Card Account, gift cards or certificates from our partners. This promo has expired but stay posted for more…

International Purchasing Power

Discover is now being accepted in more international locations. I noticed an email a few weeks ago showing new international page and I thought nothing of it since it was probably just more locations in Mexico or Canada but now we are seeing Central America, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Furthermore, If you use your Discover Card in Brazil you can get 10% bonus on up to $1,000 of purchases. They also have no foreign exchange fees. We are privileged to add another card to the no foreign exchange list! Just make sure you know how to notify them while traveling outside of the U.S. by calling +1-801-902-3100. UPDATE: They are currently doing a London cash back promo of 2% so call in to find out about that. We are uncertain about the Brazil cash back offer right now.


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