Discover Operation Homefront

proud-army-wifeThis card comes as we are fighting so many wars and goes directly to the military families in need. The Operation Home front version of the “More” card from Discover’s line of cash back cards donates twenty bucks to this cause. A twenty dollar donation may not seem like a lot but it adds up when it comes to buying essentials. We do wish that Discover would have made the donation a bit higher or a small percentage of every charge on the card instead of a one-time $20. Your best bet may just be to apply for a high rebate rewards card and mail in the donation yourselves.

There may have been so many complaints about the charity proceeds given with the Operation Home front card that they quickly pulled it. We actually recommend these patriotic cards to help out with summer travel spending… earn some cash then send it to a charity you of our choice whether it be to families fighting wars or fighting cancer!