Which Chase Freedom Card Should I Choose?

$50 to $200 Sign-up or Spend Offers

Chase offers a variety of promotional deals for their credit card customers. Currently, the Chase Freedom card is offering $100 in bonus dollars. This is a phenomenal introductory offer and a way to earn cash. Chase credit cards are also an excellent way to extend your spending power while still maintaining a budget. In addition to the bonus dollars, cash back and other rewards are also offered.

When asked the question, “Which Chase Freedom card should I apply for?” review the features of the cards and make an educated comparison. There are numerous Chase Credit cards ranging from airline rewards to gas rewards, but no other credit card offers more flexibility than Chase Freedom. Some of the highlights of the Chase Freedom credit card are highlighted below.

Chase Freedom Cash Back Program
The Freedom card gives its customers 5% cash back on various categories of spending. Each quarter, the categories vary. Clients may earn 5% cash back on $1500, quarterly. This translates into 5% off of $6000 per year. Maximum savings would be $300 per calendar year. This is a significant savings for customers.

For example in 2011, Chase may offer 5% on Grocery Stores and Drugstores from January to March. From April to June, Chase may offer 5% on Home Improvement, Home Furnishings and Lawn and Garden. From July to September, Chase may offer discounts on airlines, hotels and gas stations. Department Stores, Restaurants, Movies and Charities are discounted from October to December. In 2012 they offered 5% cash back on groceries and movies then a gas stations and restaurants.

Customers also receive 1% cash back on all purchases that are not included in the categories that provide 5% cash back. Clients sincerely enjoy receiving the savings on all of their purchases.

No Annual Fee or Inactivity Fee
Some credit cards charge an annual fee in lieu of charging a higher interest rate. Chase has never charged their customers an annual fee for the use of the credit card. The credit card is completely free plus the customers enjoy the cash back program.

Low Interest Rates
Depending upon the client’s credit history, there are several low interest rate offers for the Chase Freedom credit card. Some clients may obtain an interest rate as low as 0%. This is an ideal rate that customers should aspire to have.

Price Protection Benefit
Chase Freedom offers its customers the opportunity to be refunded the difference if they find an item on sale after purchase. The coverage gives the customer 90 days from the date of purchase to file a claim for the difference in the original and the sale price of an item. Chase Freedom card holders may receive up to $500 per claim and up to $3,500 annually. This is an incredible savings that ensures customers receive the best price available.

Chase Ultimate Rewards
Customers that participate in Chase Ultimate Rewards will receive double points on every dollar spent on airline travel. Select participating stores will offer up to 10 times the regular amount of points. Other stores offer three times, six times and eight times the regular amount of points for the Chase reward cards. The points may be redeemed for discount gift cards, cash back or other rewards.

Visa Signature Perks
Visa Signature Perks allows qualifying Chase Freedom card holders to receive extra free benefits such as, Travel Accident Insurance, Lost Luggage Reimbursement, Visa Signature Concierge Service, Emergency Card and Cash Replacement and Warranty Manager Service.

Clients that apply within the given time frame will have the opportunity to enjoy a $200 bonus. Typical bonuses are only $50. Consumers that capitalize on the bonus savings will truly enjoy using this card and applying their new credit. This is an opportunity customers should not miss whether you are in credit card debt and wish to get a lower APR offer until you pay them off with the $100 bonus or want the $150 bonus. Simply click here to apply today for your Chase credit card.

If you own a business you can get a $250 Cash Back Bonus from the one of the INK Business credit cards from Chase.

Keep in mind that this promotion on all of these Freedom Visa offers may not last long so you better get them while the credit card wars are going strong.