More Freedom to purchase and redeem with 5% Categories

REVIEW: This is by far our favorite new rewards credit cards here at our website that is dedicated to finding the best cards that pay you cash back. If I had to list my favorite rewards cards this one would be at the top of the list. There is a reason the card has the word freedom in its name. This card gives you a true freedom to get gas, clothes, and anything you want and get the highest rewards compared to other leading rewards cards. The Chase Freedom® Visa has increased their Cash Back from 3% to 5% making it one of the most profitable cards for consumers out there in today’s economy. Right now you can enjoy 5% back on Holiday purchases such as hotels and airfare booked online and when you shop at Kohl’s or Best Buy. Starting January 1st you can enjoy a 5% back at drugstores including Walgreens and CVS, gas stations including Shell and BP, and your neighborhood Starbucks to enjoy a warm coffee on a cold winter day.

Here is a recap of 2012 Cashback: April 1st through June 30th, cardholders had the opportunity to earn 5% Cash Back at grocery stores and movie theaters when they used their Chase Freedom card. Following that promotion they were able to earn 5% back on gas and restaurant purchases. The latest cash back is more focused on Holiday travel and spending as you can see below:

You can now apply for a MasterCard or a Visa version of the this popular rewards credit card. Take your pick. The only real difference we have discovered is the $100 Cash Back offer above with the Visa branded card but now both cards have this limited time offer. You basically have to decide if you shop at places that are more Visa or MasterCard friendly:

I earned over $30 extra on my last statement on travel expenses from the 5% back bonus. – Tracy at

“3% back on Utilities in January – March, means my Heating bill just got cheaper! “-Susan, Kansas.

You get 1% back on everything else and if the 5% purchases add up to more than $600 each month it goes to 1% for those purchases after that in the top 3 categories.   Redemption is simple because all you have to do is log into your account and click on the link for your card where it will say “Rewards” and you can either shop for your reward or click on a credit to your statement or a check in the mail.

Keep in mind though that these 5% Cash Back are in rotating categories which means you will not get these same categories each month and do not get to select them. You will be eligible for quarterly bonus rewards offers as long as your account is not in default under, and/or you have not violated, the terms of your Cardmember Agreement and Rewards Program Rules and Regulations. The more specific terms also go on to say you must keep your U.S. Address.

There are only two other cards that even compare to this card and that is the Simplicity and cards from American Express that have annual fees. Read more about the this and see what others have said about this card?

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