Volkswagen Fans can get rewards with an exclusive VW Card

I remember back when my dad drove a VW Scirocco and my mom drove a VW bug – it was the days of the fun life that bring in the greatest of memories. Back in 2005, we started looking at VW as more of a gas savings mobile than the cool German vehicle it was before because of the extraordinary gas mileage the Volkswagen cars get compared to other automobiles. If you are a VW fan and addict like me then you will enjoy this road savings card from Volkswagen and Chase Bank that rewards you with a 0% APR and cash back rewards. Good credit is needed to apply for a Volkswagen card whether you are in the market for a diesel, Bug, Beetle, or a Passat.

With the First USA Volkswagen Platinum Visa® with Rewards card, consumers earn two points for every dollar spent on Volkswagen stuff. One point for every dollar spent anywhere else. The more you spend, the more points you earn toward VW cars, VW gear, VW service, and even some stuff that has nothing to do with VW. “Some people like free Ipods — I like free Volkswagens,” – me


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