Airport Pickups and Dropoffs for Uber & Lyft

Airport Pickups and Dropoffs for Uber & Lyft

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The city council is still debating the issue and we still have no word on if it’s completely legal for Uber or any rideshare to pick you up at airport. One article said it may not be until July 2016. One thing I noticed before is that the app had the option to select the door you were needing to get picked up at (N4, S5, etc). Although, It’s usually quicker if you cross the first street and get picked up on the outer street near the shuttle buses if it comes up at all in the airport area.

We recommend Wingz to pick up and drop off passengers at Austin-Bergstrom airport in Texas who is offering $1 Rides for new sign-ups. Uber and Lyft have now suspended services in Austin due to City Council regulations. if you wish to hail a taxi TO the airport you can use Curb.

UberX and Lyft are technically not supposed to operate at BWI but new rules are coming.

Los Angeles just became the largest city in the nation to open the door for companies such as Uber and Lyft to fully operate alongside taxis at the airport. Ready for ‪#‎LyftOff‬! Travelers can now be picked up and dropped off at LAX on the Upper/Departures level only. Use code: FLY2015 to get $5 off Two Rides to/from LAX! If you are new to Lyft make sure to sign up here first.
Burbank Bob Hope
A ride-share service can drop you off at Burbank Bob Hope Airport, but it can’t pick you up at the terminal.
Ride-share drivers can wait in the airport’s parking lots for arriving passengers. The airport charges $3 for 30 minutes of parking. Wingz is available for Burbank Pickup.
John Wayne/Orange County
Lyft, Uber and Wingz have acquired permits. Their will be an additional fee of $2.25 for each pickup.
Long Beach
Anyone may drop off passengers at Long Beach airport, but ride-share drivers can’t pick up passengers at the terminal. Wingz is available.
In August, the Oakland Board of Port Commissioners OKd an eight-month-long pilot project.
All drivers may drop off passengers at Ontario, but only drivers with permits may pick up travelers.
Wingz is available.
San Diego
Wingz, Lyft and UberX acquired permits in early that allow drivers to pick up and drop off passengers at San Diego’s Lindbergh Field and must pay the airport $3.76 for each pickup.

compare uberx to taxi serviceChicago 
UberX is now available for pickups and dropoffs at O’Hare and Midway Airports. O’Hare also allows UberTaxi to pick up riders at the terminals. UberX offers the most affordable ride to, and from, the airports. Fares from ORD to Chicago start at just $28*, and fares from MDW to Chicago start at $22.

Denver was one of the first major airports in the United States to allow ride-share drivers to make pickups with new rules it adopted last fall. The airport is about 25 miles from downtown, a good 30-minute ride when there is no traffic.
The airport adds a fee of $2.15 on all fares. Ride-share pickups are on Level 4, not the same level used by taxis and limos.
Wingz is also available.

Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and Dallas Love Field (DAL)
You can hail Uber or Lyft. There are also non-surge alternatives such as Wingz and OneRide. We strongly recommend that you take a rideshare service to be dropped off at Love Field when catching a flight with Southwest or Virgin America. The parking at this airport is heavily congested and you will most likely not find a spot to park. You will be picked up downstairs where you see the rideshare signs in the Dallas Love Field ground transportation area of the airport.
Houston George Bush
UberX drivers can drop off and pick up passengers at the terminals at Houston George Bush Intercontinental. Lyft doesn’t currently operate in Houston.

Las Vegas
Lyft can pick you up and drop you off. Read more here.

This is a market where the regular cabbies are massive crooks and have really fought to bring down Uber but they are loosing.
Lyft and UberX are illegal in Miami-Dade County, including at the airport. You may find them operating anyway. Drivers can receive two citations, each carrying a fine of $1,000. Passengers are not cited.

New Orleans
New Orleans was one of the worst places to try and get an uber new orleans airportUber as they have one of the last cities to allow rideshare and now they are allowing them at the airport. You can request uberX pickups at Louis Armstrong International Airport for $33 to Orleans Parish. $33 fare from MSY Airport to Orleans Parish is inclusive of $4 MSY Airport Surcharge and other relevant fees. All Uber pick ups will be located in the Ground Transportation Center. When you’re ready for your ride, request uberX in the app and walk to meet your driver at the Ground Transportation Center on the arrivals (lower) level. Lyft is available in NOLA now as well and you can get $5 Off in New Orleans with Promo CODE:GOODTIMESROLL. Valid for 1 ride with max $5 discount. Offer valid until 5/30.chicago-uber-snow

New York (JFK and LaGuardia)
Uber and Lyft operate at John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia, but unlike almost everywhere else, New York requires ride-share drivers to obtain a license from the Taxi and Limousine Commission. As a result, drivers can pick up and drop off passengers at the airports just as other livery drivers do.

As of November 2015 the airport does not allow Uber or Lyft or any ridesharing. They have even posted signs up in the baggage claim area saying that it is “unsafe”. The best thing to do is to put your Uber or Lyft cursor outside of the airport area and immediately call the driver and 9 times out of 10 they will pick you up. Mine came within 6 minutes. Orlando needs to change their greedy city policy that is behind the times and giving in to the mafia taxi cab industry. Update 2016- You may open the app and try as it may be available at MCO airport now.

Any driver may drop off passengers at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. Sky Harbor also allows ride-share drivers to make airport pickups.

Lyft, UberX and Wingz got the OK to drop off and pick up passengers at Portland, Oregon’s airport. If you’re looking for an UberX, your driver will meet you in a special area just outside of baggage claim and pay a $2 fee.

San Francisco
SFO allows drivers from all major ride-share companies to pick up and drop off passengers. No surprise here since most of these ride sharing companies are based in silicon valley. There may be a trip fee of $3.85 for both pickups or dropoffs.

Anyone can drop off passengers at Seattle-Tacoma airport. It may have recently changed to allow Uber pickups. Wingz is at this airport.

Washington D.C. –  Dulles and Reagan National
You can take a ride-share car to and from Washington Dulles and Reagan National, although a spokesman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority acknowledges the rules governing pickups are antiquated. Drivers can pick up a passenger only if the passenger has prearranged the ride before the driver enters airport property. When passengers try to hail a ride at Reagan, Uber sends them a message reading, “Airport rules require your driver to call you for your exact location and final destination prior to pick up.”

Uber International DestinationsInternational airports
While Lyft does not operate outside the United States at this time Uber is really making headway but also getting kicked around legally back and forth so always check first.

Auckland, New Zealand
Ride-share drivers can drop off and pick up passengers at Auckland Airport. All prebooked taxis pick up from a dedicated area close to the terminals – including Uber and normally pay about $2.60 to access the area.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Uber has officially launched in Argentina as of April 2016 and the service is now available in Buenos Aires. It’s similar to some cities where Taxi drivers have been protesting the service and causing traffic havoc around the city so expect it to possibly be taken away then brought back with regulations. When you look up pricing estimates it will be in ARS although it carries the dollar sign ($). 1 USD is roughly 14.5 ARS.

London Heathrow
London’s Heathrow does allow Uber pickups and dropoffs, for an extra fee. Uber handles pickups and dropoffs at Heathrow. Uber says passengers pay a fee of about $6 as a “small parking charge.”, Uber recommends customers request a car about 10 to 15 minutes before they need it. Drivers will meet passengers at any arrivals hall.

Melbourne, Australia
UberX drivers may pick up and drop off passengers at Melbourne’s international airport.

Sydney, Australia
UberX is not legal in New South Wales, the state where Sydney is located, so you won’t be taking a ride-share to or from the Sydney Airport. “In accordance with state legislation, drivers cannot accept fares from members of the public unless they are licensed under the Passenger Transport Act,” an airport spokeswoman said.

We were able to use UberTaxi with no problems from the airport which was so much better than trying to figure out a taxi ride with the Euro. We noticed that UberX is finally available in Berlin but hard to get a car while they are hiring drivers. UberX works just fine from the airport out of Munich but the airport is so far away they need something such as Via for a true ride share.