Amazon Credit Card

Not only do you get a 1,500 bonus points on your first purchase on but you also get a credit card that rewards you for shopping on the internets premier website that is normally cheaper than Bestbuy, Barnes and Noble, and many other retail online outlets. Starting out with 1,500 points makes you only 1,000 points from a $25 reward from Amazon. is the most popular shopping site and the hottest site to browse rated just under Google and Yahoo. For someone like us that buys everything online this card comes as a great convenience and necessary value to great savings!

The Citi Forward Card will give you 5 Thank You Points per dollar on purchases coded as “bookstore”, which is most of the traditional Amazon shipments (i.e. not fulfilled by someone else or a used/marketplace purchase).

Benefits of Shopping online at Amazon?

  • Tax-Free (example: You pay taxes on all purchases at, Barnes and Noble)
  • Cheaper than most retailers
  • Cheaper than Wal-Mart and on some things
  • Better Deals than Ebay with the hassle of an Auction
  • Free Shipping if you spend over $25
  • Earn 3 points per dollar spent with the Amazon Visa Card (above)

Can I use this card for my online purchases at Borders and Waldenbooks on Amazon’s site?

You can but you will only get the 1% on these purchases. There is a Borders Visa Card that will give you a bonus on specific Borders and Waldenbooks purchases but now that they are going bankrupt and closing stores we recommend either the Amazon or Barnes and Nobles cards. There is also an Amazon Business Visa offered from Chase but they bank has even better business credit cards and the Freedom Card they are promoting on the Amazon site.

TIP: Download a free Toolbar to get the latest on Amazon deals. The Amazon toolbar is similar to the Google and Yahoo toolbar where you can block out unwanted popups. It is a handy tool we recommend on your browser.