Canadian Credit Cards

Finding the right credit card is a challenge no matter where you live. Several priorities are universal when planning your use of credit. You want a card that is widely accepted, dependable and affordable. There are a number of good choices available on the market, especially if your credit is good. Canadian consumers can choose Visa, MasterCard, American Express Canada or MBNA MasterCard.

Visa offers a wide variety of card products to consumers in Canada. These range from basic credit cards to the Visa Infinity with no set spending limit and a number of additional perks. A rewards program, is available for cardholders. Small business and corporate cards are also offered to qualified applicants. For more information on Visa cards  in Canada, or to apply for one, see Support and information are available in both English and French

If you would like the benefits offered to cardholders with or without the revolving credit line, American Express Canada is a good choice. These cards offer a wide range of benefits, ranging from concert ticket purchase options to hotel reservations. Excellent rewards programs offer airline miles and other advantages. Interest rates on AmEx cards may be higher than on MasterCard or Visa, so this is an excellent choice if you do not expect to carry a balance on your credit cards. Information on AmEx may be found on the AIR MILES Credit Card.

MBNA Canada has a number of MasterCard options for Canadian consumers, ranging from basic student credit cards to platinum cards with very high limits and substantial benefits. Interest rates, annual fees and rewards programs vary from card to card, so choose the one that best suits your spending needs. Applications and information on the MBNA cards are available at and our canada cards listings .

If you are specifically looking for a cash back rewards card, the following list and breakdown might help you choose a card that would put money back in your pocket  A similar comparison of card reward programs in Canada is available at

Keep in mind that a few rules apply across the board, regardless of what country you live in when it comes to credit. First, interest charges add up. Ideally, you should pay your credit card balances in full each month. Also, late payments will raise your interest rates and damage your credit. Look for on line payment options to lessen the risk of payment issues. Finally, be smart about your use of credit. Rewards and cash back cards only save you money if you pay your bills off and do not carry charges from month to month. Know your credit and use it thoughtfully to avoid causing financial problems.

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