Credit Cards For The Rich

Rich people have a lot of money so, in turn, they need a lot of credit. Most of the population isn’t aware of credit cards geared for the affluent part of society because – well, they aren’t affluent. In fact, many credit cards used by the rich have minimum earning requirements and are only available through an invitation.

The Centurion Card by American Express
Also known as the Black Card or Black American Express, this credit card is available by invitation only to

consumers who earn more than $250,000 per year. According to, the credit card has an annual fee of $2,500 and cardholders are required to spend a minimum of $250,000 each year. Monthly balances must be paid on time.

The Black American Express Card has a slew of benefits for cardholders. Chartered jets, complimentary upgrades at major airlines, priority boarding, complimentary international cell phones, invitations to celebrity cruises, and access to personal shoppers are just a few of the advantages of this elite credit card.

American Express Platinum Card
This American Express credit card has no pre-set spending limit allowing cardholders to purchase to their heart’s desire without worrying about a credit limit. The card offers many perks to its customers, like the Domestic Companion Airfare Program that allows you to receive complimentary airfare for traveling companions. Special upgrades in fine hotels, platinum destination vacations, and platinum dining reservations at the newest restaurants are just a few of the benefits of the American Express Platinum Card.

Unlike the Black American Express Card, which is invitation-only, customers can apply for a Platinum Card online or via telephone. This places the Platinum Card slightly more in reach for wealthy consumers who are seeking a credit card with extensive purchasing power. Another great AMEX card that would benefit drivers of luxury cars such as the Mercedes-Benz would be the branded version of the Platinum Card.

Sotheby’s Mastercard
Launching later in 2007 will be two elite credit cards in the Mastercard network. The basic card will have an annual fee of $85 and a minimum earning requirement of $100,000 per year. The second, more elite credit card, with its annual fee of $395 has a $200,000 minimum earning requirement.

Benefits for the cards include the ability to convert rewards into museum donations, complimentary admission to participating museums, invitations to special events, chartered private jets, and more. The plastic fronts of the card will be feature paintings by noted artists like Claude Monet. After its launch, the Sotheby’s Mastercard will available to select consumers by invitation only.

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