Top 7 Heaviest Credit Cards #LuxuryCards #Sapphire #Travel

Top 7 Heaviest Credit Cards #LuxuryCards #Sapphire #Travel

Sometimes nothing really makes sense. We have have our entire lives tried to throw out heavy change when we have it in our pockets being one of the main reasons we have switched to credit cards. Now there is a battle brewing over who has the heaviest credit card. Pretty soon if they get any heavier you will need a trainer to carry around the weights. These cards are definitely cool to look at but I am not so sure I want to carry too many of these around in my wallet just to show off. I would much rather use Apple Pay and get the transaction over with. Heavy seems to be the new Black with some card owners who love to show off their credit card fashion before it all goes digital.

Plastic credit cards normally weigh around 5g while the heaviest of luxury cards starts out at 28g. Some of these are made with plastic and some of metal.

#1: Chase Ritz Carlton weighs 28g with a heavy annual fee of $450. You at least get some elite benefits and possible free hotel nights to keep your heavy card inside. (more…)

New to Points & Miles? Credit Cards You Should Apply For First!

There are many banks and credit unions to get your miles, points, and cash back from. If you want to maximize your points and miles you better start the right way especially because some banks count applications against you. The one bank in general with some of the best credit cards is Chase bank.

Chase knows they monopolize some of the hottest credit cards and we actually broke news back in the day they came out with the Freedom Card before any other site. It’s been one of the best cards of all-time with the quarterly bonuses. What Chase does is limit your approval based on how many cards you’ve applied for in the past with the “5/24 rule.”

We recommend you apply for a Chase Credit Card first before any other card because of the strict rule they mandated over a year ago. Grab a few Chase Cards then as soon as they accept you go for the gold with all the other fantastic cards on the market such as Discover It.

What does 5/24 rule mean?

It’s more of a credit card insider term meaning they typically won’t approve you for some of their cards if you’ve opened more than five accounts in the past 24 months. The following cards are subjected to this rule:


5x Bonus Categories for Gas, Taxi, Uber, and Lyft

5x Bonus Categories for Gas, Taxi, Uber, and Lyft

Discover Bonus Categories 2017
Use Your Discover it Card to Earn 5% Cash Back on Sam’s Club (in-store and online), Online Costco Purchases, and Gas in the first quarter of 2017. The ground transportation bonus category is broad. It includes purchases like subway passes, railway tickets, taxis and tour bus tickets. Plus, it will include rideshare such as Uber and Lyft spending. You can get up to $75 cash back each quarter on bonus categories with your Discover it card. if you do not have the Discover It Card you can get it here with a sign-up bonus!

The Discover 5X categories starting January 2017 will be:
1. Gas stations (Supermarket stations may not be eligible)
2. Ground transportation
3. Wholesale clubs – Sam’s Club, Costco (Online), BJ’s Wholesale
You can activate the bonus now for spending from January 2017 through March 2017.

Another great thing about Discover Card is they have no foreign transactions fees, so you can use it on bonus purchases when traveling to places such as London or Prague.

Chase Freedom Bonus Categories for 2017
The Chase Freedom bonus categories have been released for the first 2 quarters of 2017. You’ll get 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points (5% cash back) on up to $1,500 in combined spending when you spend at gas stations and on commuter transportation from January to March 2017. You can usually buy groceries, beer, lottery tickets, and more at gas stations!

You’ll also earn 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points when you shop at grocery stores and drug stores from April to June 2017, on up to $1,500 in combined purchases.

You can activate the bonus now or apply for the Chase Freedom card here if you do not have it yet.

Most Overhyped Card of 2016? Chase Sapphire Reserve 100k Bonus

If you have not seen every blog on the net by now posting about the Chase Sapphire Reserve 100k Bonus you have most likely been enjoying an amazing Holiday on an island with no wifi and away from hype. You have probably been away from the daily political news that swallows up our time. This new credit card from Chase is the most overhyped card of the year mostly from blogs that are paid by Chase in affiliate income to promote the card as they were told first by the bank to tease the card and then acted like it was a leak.

Chase most-likely hoped the card would be leaked out to newbies who are not churning credit cards on a quarterly basis but judging from Reddit and other blogs the people who want this card most likely will not get approved due to this rule called 5/24 that we are sick of hearing about. If Chase considers you to have too many credit cards with them or other banks you will not get approved.

When the link for the Chase Sapphire Reserve 100k Bonus on their official landing page went live I applied for that card along with a few other cards that day for my quarterly application day. I called into Chase’s reconsideration line as it said that I would be notified within 30 days of a response. The rep told me that I had too many cards within the last 24 months and could not be approved. I’ve only been denied a Chase card once and that was for the Chase Freedom Business Card which was replaced by the Ink line of cards. It was heartbreaking I would not get in on the hype and claim my 100k points and the benefits of the card but there are a few other cards from other issuers that do the same. Citi ThankYou points are worth more to me than Ultimate Rewards points anyway so I would much rather have a Thank You bonus! Then again I am not like most other bloggers who are paid by Chase to promote their product.

What do you get with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card?
100,000 Ultimate Rewards Bonus Points after $4,000 spending in 3 months with an Annual Fee of $450.
You get $300 in annual travel credit which pay for the cards annual fee because you can redeem this twice before the next annual fee hits giving you $600 in travel credit. If you apply a few months out before the end of the year you could easily make $150 and get 100,000 points off of this card. The card is overhyped because most of us will not be able to get it if we have other credit cards.

Some people are reporting that if you have applied for less than 5 cards in 24 months you can easily get the card but if you are over 5 cards in 24 months you can apply through a banker at a Chase branch and possibly get the card. The best thing is to wait and try doing it in a branch after checking if you are pre-approved instead of using some blogs affiliate links to apply.