Black: The New Fashion in Credit Cards

It seems that black is the new sexy color for credit cards these days.  Maybe this is because people are tired of the plain white and clear cards and want the luxury feel of black.  This black fashion in credit card not only shows cards with higher credit limits but prestige and high class.

Black cards are even appearing in television episodes lately showing power in some cases  If you watch the new show “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”, in this week’s episode one of the NBS network executives offers to use their “American Express Black” credit card with a “$1,000,000 limit” to bail one of the characters out of jail.

One of the most popular black credit cards is the American Express Black Centurion card. Compare this card that everyone would love to own to other black credit cards such as the Visa version that is also Black but goes up against another AmEx Card.

  1. Visa Black Card
  2. Citi Diamond Preferred
  3. Virgin Atlantic Black
  4. Citi Premier Pass and PPE
  5. Merrill Lynch Visa
  6. Citi Chairman Amex
  7. USAA Amex
  8. Amtrak MasterCard
  9. Saks WorldElite
  10. Diners Club Carte Blanche
  11. Chase Marriott Rewards Premier
  12. BofA World Mastercard
  13. MBNA Quantum
  14. SPIRIT™ Onyx World MasterCard
  15. NWA Signature Visa
  16. Continental World MC
  17. Couts
  18. Barclay Premier
  19. US World MC
  20. Bad Credit Black Card from New Millennium Bank

A blogger posted that black is not as sheek or elite anymore, because now it is more saturated.  He recommended a red or orange look for the new elite cards. Read more about cards for the elite.