Citi Cards

Citibank MasterCards offer members more options than almost any other credit card company. There are cards that make it easier to pay phone bills, secure hotel rooms, and buy cars. There are also several Citibank MasterCards designed specifically for college students and car enthusiasts.

A Look at Citibank Platinum Select:

Citbank’s Driver’s Edge Card gives students the opportunity to save money on the purchase of a car and it allows for cash advances. Clearly, the world of credit cards has come a long way from the 1950s, when people had to have more demonstrable financial

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Citibank MasterCard for Businesses

Many credit card companies with business card options do not fully take into account the things a corporation needs in a card. They simply make slight changes to their personal cardholder plans. Citibank, on the other hand, truly focuses on making the card work for the company. The Citi Platinum Select for Business gives American Airline advantage miles for every dollar spent on business purchases. The miles never expire and a company can earn up to 150,000 of them a year. The Citibusiness card has zero percent APR for one year, a “business-size” credit line, and free additional cards for employees. The additional cards’ credit limits are set by the business owner or whomever is in charge of the account. Citibank MasterCards can benefit large corporations, but reward plans and discounts for business purchases can also make it much easier for a small operation to get off the ground.

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