Citi Smart Savings Similar to AMEX Offers

Offers_For_You_CitibankCiti Cards is finally catching up to the amazing AMEX Offers we have enjoyed so much this year. Once a week we have made a post on the amazing American Express offers so let’s hope that Citi gives us something to talk about as well. They have launched the new Citi Smart Savings Program that offers special deals at participating merchants when you make purchases with your targeted Citibank credit card. They’re only targeted offers for now and no Twitter or social media syncing like the AMEX Offers.

You can connect your credit cards with deals at select retailers and service providers. You can access the available offers within your online account for your Citibank credit card. Although, You must add the offers to your card before you make the purchase in order to qualify for the deal. These deals offer cash back in the form of an account statement credit on qualifying purchases at participating merchants.

Some of the offers on my card with Citi were a Earn 10% cash back at Chili’s Grill and Bar, Sear’s, Sports Authority for in-store and online, and Earn 20% cash back at Starbuck’s.

My favorite was the Hilton Hotels 10% Back. Especially because this card already gives 3% back on Travel so this would be 13% total on Hilton Hotels. The catch on the Hilton offer is that you have to spend a minimum of $200 and maximum of $500, with a $50 cash back maximum.

How To Access The Citi Smart Savings Program
1. Log in to your online Citibank credit card account.
2. Visit the “Card Benefits” section of your account.
3. Under the “Quick Links” section on the right sidebar down below the fold click on “Offers For You.”
4. Click “Add Offer” to sync a deal with your credit card.

While the Citi Smart Savings Program is still in the beginning stages not all credit cards may be targeted. I have two cards with them in my account manager and only see one card that can get these rewards. They are also not as good as the AMEX Offers so they have a ways to improve. Plus it’s really hard to find. We had to lay out the steps just so you would notice these in your account. It took me awhile just to find the Quick Links area and then the Offers for You.