Starbucks Freebies for Riding Lyft

starbucks-lyftridesLyft is finally catching up to Uber when it comes to rewards incentives and this one is one of the best I have seen yet. According to the New York Times you will soon be able to get FREE Starbucks drinks for riding Lyft. The new partnership between Starbucks and Lyft will reward both drivers and passengers.

Uber has partnered with Starwood Hotels and Capital One for some great incentives so far this year. With this new Lyft promotion is like no other because you can earn Starbucks stars when you take rides with Lyft and achieve Starbucks Gold Status.

One really great benefit is that you will be able to gift a coffee to a driver from the app. Drivers will be able to earn free coffee as tips which amounts to more than the dollar or two they may earn on a short drive. They also are offering a $750 sign up bonus for new drivers.

Baristas will also get some free rides out of this partnership. This is great for those doing all the work to make us those great drinks behind the bar. The program will be tested out along with this promotion we understand.

One promo you can get right with with Lyft is the $5 OFF Ride to and From airports! Lyft plans to roll this new promotion out soon in select cities and have not yet released the date but stay tuned and SIGN UP for Lyft.