Citibank Student Credit Card

The new Citi Student card is a real credit card. Most companies try to give you a debit card or prepaid card, but this one holds more importance and helps you build long lasting credit for your future. Listed below are some of the benefits of this Citi Card.

Benefits of a Student credit card:

  • good to have on hand in case of an emergency
  • sometimes needed for hotel or airline reservations, getting a tow for your car, or as identification when writing a check
    convenient to use for mail order, home shopping, buying textbooks and airline tickets
  • convenient for obtaining cash from an ATM when you need funds in a hurry

Special Student Perks?
Citibank sends students special offers throughout the year. Previously, Students have received discounts good toward purchases at national retailers, as well as discounts on CDs, tapes, computer software and long distance phone calls. There will be more exciting offers for students in the future from or Citibank, and you’ll be eligible to take advantage of them if you become a Citi cardmember or keep checking back at this website for details.

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