Conoco Gas Card

There are several options for a Conoco gas card. These include a specific Conoco/Phillips 66 card/76 personal card, a Conoco MasterCard and a business specific card for the service station chain.  The most popular of these is the MasterCard option, which can be used at any retailer that accepts the card, not just at the associated service stations and offers some beneficial rewards. The other card choices allow you to track your fuel spending and provide pay at the pump convenience.

The Phillips 66-Conoco-76 MasterCard is a CitiBank card, and offers a number of benefits and rewards for cardholders. First and foremost is the 4% reward benefit for purchases made at any of the affiliated service stations. Furthermore, there is a 1% reward for all other purchases using the card. Interest rates are competitive for a rewards card with a 12.99% APR. You have the online banking options you would expect with a major credit card company and comprehensive theft protection.

You might also want to consider the personal card also managed by CitiBank. This card works at any of the affiliated service stations, providing access to both fuel and convenience store items. It is not a MasterCard or Visa, and cannot be used at other retailers. Cash is available at Cirrus ATM machines via the personal card. There is no annual fee and a 19.99% interest rate on this card. The primary advantage of the personal gas card is tracking your spending. With this card you can easily see how much you have spent on fuel and track other family member’s spending as well. Furthermore, you can pay your bill all at once or carry a balance as you prefer. You do have online management tools and a 0$ liability in case of theft on the gas credit card.

Conoco also offers a business card for your business fuel spending needs. While additional information may be required versus applying for a personal card, a business card will allow you to equip your employees with a gas card, track fuel spending and streamline your business accounting easily. You will need your tax ID number, bank account information, and some accounts may require financial records. There is no annual fee for this card, no limit on the number of cards issued, and detailed monthly statements are available.

With the wide variety of Conoco gas cards available, you can surely find one that meets your needs. Moreover, these cards will also work at your local Phillips 66 or 76 service stations. Whether you need another widely accepted credit card with a great rewards program or just a card to track your fuel spending, you can find the right choice for your personal or business use.