BP Gas Card

You see the disturbing images on TV and think why would anyone buy gas from a BP owned gas station. It turns out that BP does not actually own the gas stations but they are supplying the gas in most cases. This comes a time when you should buy from alternative stations and dump your BP Gas Card. We care about the future of America and the future of the Gulf along with the ecosystems that are being killed by this corporate monster that took risks to cut costs. What you can do is cut up your BP card after you apply for another rewards card such as the cards from Chase, Citibank, or Discover Card..

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Synchrony To Replace Chase As BP Credit Card Partner
BP is set to replace Chase with Synchrony (formerly GE Capital) as their partner by the end of March 2015. Synchrony will be responsible for issuing co-branded and private label credit cards on behalf of BP. The co-branded credit cards will be able to be used at all of the BP locations and anywhere else credit cards are accepted. The private label “store credit cards” will only be able to used at BP locations.  Existing Chase BP cardholders would be transitioned onto the new cards.  Chase offers two BP cards at this time.

Since Chase has taken over the BP Visa Rewards Visa it has made some significant changes. The main change is that you do not have to spend your rebate money at a BP gas station you can give it to charity or get a check sent to you to cash on whatever you want. The rebate amounts increased and the earnings power have taken off on all purchases making this card a nice addition to our top ten gas credit cards. The BP Platinum Visa Card from Chase gives you up to 10% in introductory on all participating BP location purchases. This gas rebate card with the Visa network compares to the Shell MasterCard and the Exxon MasterCard but comes with 0% Fixed Balance Transfer APR for up to 6 Months and No Annual Fee.

The Rewards:There’s no limit to the amount of rebates you can earn! Every time you accumulate at least $25 in rebates, you decide how and when to redeem your reward. Redeem for your choice of a BP Gift Card, a check made payable to you, or a donation to The Conservation Fund. Unlike most rewards cards there is absolutely no limit in the amount of rewards you can earn with the BP Visa.

Here is another great way to explain the rebate offered by the BP Visa Card from Chase: We feel it is the best card to use for dining purpuses. If you are dining out you can get a 4% rebate for two months then 2% afterwards. You also get 2% on all other eligible purchases for two months, and then 1% afterwards. All of your gas purchases at participating BP locations will give you a staggering 10% for two billing statements. All of your gas purchases at BP and Amoco locations will give you a staggering 10% for two billing statements.

How do you redeem BP Visa Rebates?

You can log into ChooseMyRewards.com after you have earned $25 in rebates and select the award that fits you the most.

What do others have to say about the BP Platinum Gas Card?

The best rebate gas card I have found is the BP visa card. The 10% rebate is for the first 60 days after you initially enroll, thereafter the rebate is 5%. This year we purchased an RV which gets about 9 miles to the gallon, so we’ve purchased a lot of gas and a 5% rebate is nice.

I normally redeem my rebates for $25 gas cards.  Over the past 6 months, I have redeemed around $175.

With the cost of fuel today, I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t take advantage of these rebates.

-Marcia, NJ

Compare to the Discover Gas Card – CHOOSE ANY GAS STATION and NO Annual Fee. You can use this gas card with freedom at any gas station including Bp gas, Conoco, Chevron, Exxon, Citgo, Mobil, Amoco, Texaco Gas, Shell Gas, Sunoco, and Diamond Shamrock Gas stations.

Do you really want to shop at a BP Gas Station?