Chase Ink Business Credit Cards

In 2009, Chase announced that they had created a series of credit cards aimed at small businesses and their owners. This series of credit cards, called Ink Cash(SM) Business Card, has proven to be a popular way for small businesses to obtain credit for the purchases that fuel the success of their company. Four credit cards, each with their own set of terms and perks, make up the Ink Cash(SM) Business Card series. They are the Ink Cash(SM) Business Card, the Ink(SM) Bold with Ultimate Rewards(SM), and the Ink Cash(SM) Business Card.

All four of the Ink themed credit cards allow their users to earn points on their purchases. These points can be redeemed for rewards that reinvest in the business, helping it to grow. If the cardholder chooses, they can redeem their points for personal rewards using Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program or by receiving cash back. The cards also feature security, fraud prevention, and online account management tools.

The Ink Cash(SM) Business Card is the basic card in the series. It has no annual fee, and offers one point per dollar spent with the card. $100,000 of travel accident insurance is included with the card, as well as a damage waiver program for car rentals. Zero Liability and Fraud Prevention protections are also automatically included on the card.

The next card in the line is the Ink Cash(SM) Business Card. The Ink Cash(SM) Business Card is geared towards business owners who are primarily concerned with earning cash back on their purchases. Unlike the other three cards, the Ink Cash(SM) Business Card does not offer a chance to redeem points for the Ultimate Rewards program. Cash back is the only reward option on this card. To counteract this, this “cash” card offers the cardholder the chance to earn three points per dollar spent when the card is used to make a qualifying business purchase, allowing the business owner to earn points faster. There is no annual fee for the Ink Cash(SM) Business Card.

Along with the Ink Cash, Chase also offer the Ink Plus credit card. The Ink Plus is geared towards those who want to make the most of their points accrual. There is a $60 annual fee, which is waived for the first year the card is active. The Ink Plus cardholder has the option of either earning cash back or redeeming rewards in Ultimate Rewards, as well as the opportunity to earn up to 25,000 bonus points every year the card is used. There are a number of travel perks as well – access to airport lounges and a guarantee that that points are worth more than those on the American Express Gold card when used for airfare is included.

Finally, there is the Ink(SM) Bold with Ultimate Rewards(SM) credit card. The $95 annual fee is waived for the first year of the card. The Bold offers the amenities that the other cards offer (except the three point bonus of the “Cash”) and a 47,500 bonus point opportunity. In exchange, the cardholder is required to pay off the full balance of the card every month. There are no minimum payments with the “Bold” version. The Ink(SM) Bold with Ultimate Rewards(SM) also offers additional travel and personal protection perks unavailable with the other three.

With these options, it is easy for any small business owner to find a card that suits their needs. Chase “Ink” and Ink Plus branded cards rewards small business owners for investing in their business.