REVIEW: Ink Plus Small Business Cards From Chase can land you 50,000 Points

UPDATE:  See Updated Post for this card here.

Ink Plus is a small business credit card, one of a suite of four different Ink cards offered by Chase. Some of the other Ink cards are really charge cards where the balance falls due each month. The Ink Plus, however, does have a revolving credit feature. It is targeted to world travelers, big spenders and international business executives.

Like most the Ink cards, the key feature of the Ink Plus is the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, one of the best membership reward programs of any brand card made for business. Membership costs $95 each year in the form of an annual fee, but this fee is waived for the first year.

Updated review of the Ink Plus (SM) Business Card is that it gives you 2 times the points on hotel accommodations. Although you can get around 1.5 automatically with the Spark from Capital One with no limit this card has a $50,000 annual spend limit on this. We do not recommend using this card for gas purchases because you should have a Freedom version of their brands for that purpose.

Membership has some real benefits for travelers, especially those who use their cards liberally. Benefits are tracked through points which are earned for various spending thresholds. One point is earned for each dollar spent using the card. You get double points when you book your travel through Chase’s travel agents. Bonus points can be received every year, as much as 25 thousand, depending on usage levels.

One way to redeem these points is a 1 to 1 transfer to many of the most popular airline and hotel point programs. Another is for cash at a 1 percent rate. In other words, if you accumulate 5000 points, you can get a $50 check. They can be redeemed for gift cards or merchandise. Points never expire. In addition you get free usage of Ultimate Rewards travel bookings agents, and when used your points get you 25% more than anywhere else. There’s also a free Priority Pass membership. This gives you access to the finest private airport lounges all over the world.

The Ink Plus caters to business usage. It’s accepted wherever Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Business lines of credit can be arranged that will meet all needs, even the largest. Individual employee limits can be set and controlled. Account alerts and fraud early warning is part of the service provided. Plans can be designed to meet the cash flow needs of your organization. If your business is looking for a good business card with a better-than-average point system, the Ink Plus could be the card for you.