How a Credit Card Can Save The Planet

The year of 2007 has been a start to take back our environment from all of the bad pollution and bad habits.  There has been many hot concert tickets and big movies made to help change our ways and make a greener world to live in for us and the generations we leave behind.  Al Gore has been one of the most popular spokesman along with Leonardo DiCaprio to save the environment and even held big events asking for you to pledge not money but your changing of light bulbs or something as simple as conserving energy.

Now you can help change the world with a credit card that gives back to climate projects from General Electric.  GE is one of the most innovative companies in the world when it comes to saving our world.  The are one of the top producers of windmills, solar energy, and the low-energy light bulbs we see in our homes.  You have the option with this card to contribute to climate projects 1% or half of a percent and get the other half for yourself.  The World and Mother Earth will appreciate every bit of help no matter if you give half or a full percent.

Brighter Planet™ Visa® Credit Card

  • Automatic point redemptions to help build renewable energy projects
  • 1 EarthSmart Point for every $1 net retail
  • 1,000 EarthSmart bonus points with first transaction
  • 1,000 EarthSmart bonus points for signing up for paperless statements
  • For every two base points earned through December 2008, Bank of America will make a matching contribution of one additional point

Suggestions that can help save the enviromnent:

1. Select “no receipt” when purchasing gas at the pump – this cuts down on paper usage and may even cut down risk of identity theft potential.

2. Pay bills with credit cards so you are not wasting paper on envelopes and stamps. Go a step farther and ask your credit card company or loan originator to quit sending paper statements and opt for everything electronic.

3. Use your credit card rewards points earned to donate to earth friendly causes.

4. Make purchases from companies who invest in our environment and alternative energy technology (GE, Bp, Whole Foods Market).

The Nature Conservancy Platinum Plus® Visa® Credit Card

Custom preferred Visa  The Nature Conservancy
  • The Nature Conservancy will receive 0.65% of all Net Purchases.
  • No Annual Fee & 0% Intro
  • Choose from four distinct card images of places supported by The Nature Conservancy.
  • Complimentary one year membership and subscription to Nature Conservancy magazine, for new members.
GE Money Earth Rewards MasterCard® GE-Money-Green-Envrionment-Card
  • Your purchases can help make a difference to help the World become a greener place
  • 0% Introductory APR on purchases for up to 6 months*
  • Choice of Rewards – Contribute a full 1% of your total Card purchases to emission reduction projects.
  • Or make the split and contribute 1/2% to the climate projects and get 1/2% cash back through your monthly statement.
  • No Annual Fee
  • Paperless Statements