CVS Drugstore Gives You 30% Off In-Store Each Weekend

CVS Drugstore Gives You 30% Off In-Store Each Weekend

We have been getting clickable coupons for 30% off each Thursday for every weekend. The emails seem to come around 7Am CST for the 30% off coupon that you can apply to your CVS card to use in-store only. This is great for those who travel who have no choice but to buy expensive drug store goods. The 30% off really brings it down to a Walmart price if you ask me.

How do you get in on this weekly 30% Off? You simply sign up for the CVS Extra Care program that is free for anyone. They will then mail you this one important coupon weekly. You then click on it where it says get coupon then it loads it onto your CVS card. So you have no coupon to bring with you because it is digitally loaded on your card and ready to use!

This is my favorite thing about CVS over Walgreens are these weekly 30% off promos to use in-store. There have been times in the past that they change up the coupon to only 20% off or give you a $5 off $30 spend. Either way you can be assured that each Thursday you will have a coupon for Weekend Travel.

Update 2017: It’s been a few months since CVS has sent this coupon we used to get once a month. We finally got one in our inbox today on March 16, 2017. This is a 30% coupon for in-store purchases only good through Sunday, March 19, 2017. Last week they sent out a 10% off coupon which we quickly deleted and awaited the big catch for 30% off!

Now if we can get Walgreens to do the same!