Debt Management Credit Counseling

Are you afraid to answer your phone? If you have creditors calling your house at all hours, you may be relying on your caller ID to avoid them. But money problems won’t go away if you hide. Millions of people have problems with their bills, whether it’s credit card debt, a mortgage, or student loans. You don’t need to leave the country to escape bad debt, and you don’t necessarily need to declare bankruptcy, either. There are debt management credit counseling services available that can help you today.

What can a debt management credit counselor do? They can examine your overall financial situation: what you owe, your income, and your credit history. They can help you curb your spending and set up a budget. They can help make a plan to pay off your bills and start saving for the future. And they can work with your creditors to reduce your bills and even lower your interest rates.

One important debt management strategy is debt consolidation. Just think: if you have five credit cards that you are responsible for, that’s five times the interest you’re paying than if you had just one monthly bill. Plus, if you can’t afford to pay all five bills on time, you may be racking up the late fees, which can really add up over time. With debt consolidation, all of your bills are combined into one. That’s one check for you to write every month. And that’s just one APR for you to deal with.

Get Help with Your Debt
You may have all the best intentions when it comes to getting out of debt. You just might not have the know-how you need. Debt management credit counseling can help you break the cycle of bad debt–so you can start paying off the principal, rather than just tread water as you pay the interest. Get the help you need, and start down a new path to financial responsibility.