Dosh App Review: $7 Bonus To Link Your Credit Cards

Dosh is a new card linked loyalty app where you link your debit or credit card and you receive credits for making purchases with Dosh partners. The credit can then be donated to charity or transferred to your bank account. They also have a travel section where you can earn credit for booking hotels, renting cars or booking activities.

Dosh has raised over $6 million in investments so we know this app may be around for awhile (at least a year- ha!). According to Dosh they have partnered with over 100,000 brands and merchants to offer their users opportunities to earn credits. Currently, it seems that the card-link offers on Dosh are either for restaurants or some retailers such as Forever 21, Hallmark stores, or Sam’s Club.

Card linked loyalty programs are no-brainers for the most part. You can connect your credit cards and do shopping without worrying about receipts like you do with Ibotta or clicking links like you do with Ebates.  Dosh runs on Empyr, along with a number of other loyalty dining programs that run on that platform including MOGL, Living Social, Swagbucks, and Yelp. If you are signed up for Yelp Cash Back for example you cannot use Dosh with the same cards since they use the same backend network.

Find out more about the Dosh App here.

One great thing about a card linked loyalty programs is merchants cannot restrict what transactions do and don’t earn rewards. You can’t restrict a purchase that uses a coupon for example. Dosh aims to provide value to merchants by using geo-targeted offers which can also benefit the consumer. When there’s an offer in your area you’ll be alerted to that specific deal.

In our area we noticed that the Dosh app offers a few local deals that you do not see on Yelp or Swagbucks:

7% back at Hallmark stores
2% back at Sam’s Club (Wholesale Club) – You can double dip this with a Sam’s Club MasterCard.
10% back at Denny’s restaurants

You only need $15 in credits to redeem your “Dosh.” So the best best would be to try out the app and use it until you hit $15 and cash out and move onto another card-linked app in the network and get that bonus.