Earn Extra Cash Back for Your Christmas Shopping

santa shopper credit card bonusEbates and other online cash back portals are my secret weapon during the holidays. I cannot understand for any reason people do not use them to earn cash back when buying gifts or buying anything such as travel. Using coupons online is a must for saving money, but why not earn cash back on top of coupons, and promo codes? Programs such as Ebates actually pay you for cash back and they are giving you an extra $10 incentive now for signing up and clicking through their links which only takes a few extra minutes.

Everyone spends money around the holidays so you want to maximize all of the means of cash back and rewards possible using certain credit cards but first doing this with an online shopping mall such as Ebates to stack up the cash back. One truly great thing is that Cash back for purchases is unlimited with these programs. You can get paid for clothing, shoes, airline tickets, hotels, furniture, food, flowers and gifts, and anything you find that you can click on in their portal!

Here is how you sign up for Ebates to get the $10 Gift Card and Start Earning Cash Back-
Steps to get the Ebates Bonus:
1. Join Ebates Here (It’s Free and never any fees)
2. Pick a FREE $10 Gift Card ($10 Walmart, $10 Macy’s, $10 Lowe’s)
3. We recommend downloading their browser button to tell you the shopping sites that have cash back or just going to Ebates before buying on any site and clicking on that sites link even if already in the shopping cart.
4. You should get a check soon from Ebates. Read more about the program here.

One of the best tips is to not buy anything in person unless there is a reason. I normally go to the mall in person then come home to shop through Ebates the the maximum cash back. They also feature double cash back for black friday, back-to-school, and other promotions so we can earn more money shopping through them. Last year I received my December rebate in the form of Amazon gift cards for $210.00! I normally just get a check from them for $30 or so on a monthly basis.

You have to wonder what the catch is for Ebates or any online shopping portal to pay you money to shop. Simple. They pay you because when you click their links they get paid by the retailer. If you buy clothes at Sak’s Fifth Avenue then they get a percentage of the sale to Ebates then you get paid a percentage of that. Sometimes they lose money trying to get you to shop more. It’s normally a win-win strategy for everyone involved especially because you can normally find ways to get free shipping during the holiday season.

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